Flavor of Love

Season 2 Episode 12

After the Lovin'

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2006 on VH1
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Episode Summary

The second-season cast reunited with Flav to dish on the show.

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  • In the Reunion the Girls talk about the series and when New York comes out Hell is set loose.

    So this episode was like what we all wanted to see and the star of the Reunion was bootz because she was all over New York callin her a Drag Queen and make her admit it and then she threw herself and big rick caught her in midair then when Deelishis goes toward new York Bootz goes around the crowd and attacks New York , we dont see much , but im pretty sure that Bootz won do to some reserch i did on Vh1.com. So in the Final few minutes of the Episode New York annonces her new show.moreless
  • The last cat fight of the season!

    Okay, so this episode brings back all of the girls. First off, half of the girls didn't even talk or do anything which was stupid. And the whole episode seemed to revolve around New York as if she owned the show. Well, we did find out that she has her own show called "I Love New York". The only good part about this episode was the huge brawl between some of the girls and New York. I loved it when Bootz literally shot herself at New York and Big Rick caught her in mid air. That was also dumb that they nevered show when Deelishis's daughter came out.moreless
  • Over hyped for nothing!!!

    I waited two weeks for this show, and was not pleased. The show was over hyped, and they kept showing previews with Deelishis daughter meeting Flav, and it was never shown. The girls simply got downright classless. Okay so they don’t like New York, but they were willing to almost knock the host La, La down to get to her. That scene had to be bleeped so much, I’m surprised they got all the cussing bleeped. New York’s mother is simply too much to swallow. After a while she got on my last nerves, I was happy that Flav turned her off. When Krazy got up to sing, I turned the channel. She sounds HORRIBLE. Sorry, but I have to be honest. She can’t sing. Always saying she was there for Flav, and the whole time she was simply trying to get her singing career off the ground. Such a fake.

    I wanted to know why was Sapphire trying to get into the fight when the girls tried to bum rush the stage to get to NY? She was long gone before NY arrived, so she should have sat her “I got my certificate” from anger management behind down. I’m hoping we get to see more on the DVD set when it comes out, but this show IMHO was a let down.moreless
  • This was the reunion episode called after the lovin were girls catched up gaught and bickered.

    I havent seen this episode yet but just by the comercials i can tell its gonna b a good episode ( even though with the editing the producers make every episode look good) in this episode Lala reprises her role as the host for the second and hopefully not the last time. Goldie from season one returns and talks to the girls and shares some of her favorite moments / highlights from this season . as always the infamous ney york is back and the other girls are gonna have to deal with it . but some of them just wont as soon as the diva comes out buckwild throws an unidentified object at her and almost hits her in the head . new york also gets in a fight with the winner deelishis were the gaurds are heavily involved . also bootz new yorks first season two enemy , atacks new york well the gaurds are distracted . she also gets in yet another fight with flav as she did in the second finale were she found out she was not the winner for the second time . also rumor has it that one of the flavorettes (name not realeased yet) attacks the host Lala well she is pregnat . u might think it is saphyrii who got kicked off within 20 minutes of the premiere but it isnt because she states she went to anger managment . thats all i have 2 say about this episode hopefully there is a season 3 . also new york is getting her own flavortastic show called the flavorette wich is coming out in january .moreless

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