Flavor of Love

Season 2 Episode 7

Boxin Each Other Out

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2006 on VH1
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Flav gives the five remaining ladies an hour to vote on which two women should be sent packing. But Flav may take issues with their choices.

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  • Krazy Bit*h fight, Literally.

    Okay, this episode was not awesome but it wasn\'t bad. I mean, I just think the beginning was kind of boring and the dates were. The only good part was in the middle when Krazy and Buckeey get into a fight. I love Buckeey! She\'s sweet BUT I also like Krazy a lot so I don\'t know who was right or wrong. And at eliminations Buckeey looked really hott. NY is so crazy ,but I guess thats NY\'s job. She is smart about turning the girls against each other. I still think Deelishis is stupid but Flav really likes her a lot.moreless
  • Flav lets the girls choose who goes. But he changes his mind and brings the girls who wasn\'t chosen on a date. While drama rises with Krazy and the girls. New York \"mind controls\" over Krazy thinking she is her friend.moreless

    This episode was hilarous. I was kinda sad Buckeey left because it was kinda a soft push, and Krazy over exaggerated her falling off the rail. the dates was hilarous. I was laughing my head off when Krazy and basically everyone was fighting and Flav just comes in and makes out with New York. This is another great episde and I cannot wait for some more Drama to rise.
  • Krazy almost knocked over a railing, Deelishis and NY fight verbally.

    New York is back in the house and the women are not pleased. Each girl gets to decide which two girls need to go into a box, and NY and Krazy are chosen. The Bootz, Buckeey and Deelishus think there is a trick involved, and they might have created some kind of mess, but turns out the three get dates while Krazy and NY stay at the house. Krazy talks to NY, and thinks NY is going to be her buddy, when in fact NY is using her. NY is using all the girls. Basically she is playing them like a puppet. The girls are clueless.

    Krazy is called out by one of the girls for brining her demo tape. Deelishis says that Krazy is an opportunist. Flavor thinks the girls are jealous, but goes on one on one dates with them anyway.

    Deelishis and NY get into a huge vocal fight. I think if NY had hit Deelishis, Deelishis would have beat NY like she stole something. NY was backing up, and Deelishis stood her ground, she did not back down at all. Date #1 is with Buckeey and they go bowling. Everytime they kiss she would tell him to grab her booty. Krazy claims she does not want to see Flav get hurt again like she did last time, but I say he will. Especially if he chooses Krazy as the woman he wants to be with. I just know he will. Date #2 is with Bootz, and they are chilling in the Jacuzzi and I guess Flav hoping he will get lucky and talks about how he wants to make love to her, and then she says “I’m waiting for marriage”. *Record Scratch!!!* The look on Flavs face is classic!!! He ends the date, but keeps begging her not to make him wait. NY loves to refer herself as the HBIC. She is most definitely the B. When Deelishis called NY “Bobblehead B*tch that’s only good for TV”, I could not stop laughing!! Big Rick had to break up the fight between the girls. Deelishis and Flav go on a camel ride. Flav was dressed like a ghetto genie of sorts. Krazy and Buckeey end up arguing, and things get physical. Buckeey shoves Krazy really hard!! I think if the physical fight between Buckeey and Krazy had occurred, Bootz would have gone home. Now it’s down to the final 4. Krazy, Deelishis, Bootz and New York. Will Flav listen to the girls warning of how fake Krazy is? Will NY keep using the other girls to cancel each other out so she will stay in the house?moreless

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