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Flavor of Love

Season 2 Episode 11

Flav Belize in Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2006 on VH1
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Episode Summary

In the second-season finale, Flav takes the last two contestants to Belize for a three-day getaway and spends 24 hours alone with each, getting massages on the beach and going snorkeling, before he selects a winner.

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  • in the final Face-off Deelishis and New York are left in the final two and Flav has to ultimatly choose how he will give a pair of grills to.

    Okay so First Deelishis gets her date first with Flav when they arrive in Belize and New York acts so childish and dramatic trying to spy on them. Then New York and Flav go sailing on a boat where New York scares Flav off by acting like her mom and Flav is Scared. in the final elmination tension runs high Deelishis is nervous and New York is over confident and Cocky. and in the final Stand Flav Tells New York that her Time is up and New York is Furious and Curses Flav out and then Leaves for the Second time , hahaha. So Flav gives Deelishis a Pair of Gloves and says " Deelishis will you be my baby ? " and of corse she says yes and she says " im so glad cause i got my Man . So i dont even have to say the winner and loser cause its clear and im so glad Deelishis won like i wanted her too. Bye bye New York.moreless
  • Flav spends some time with both the girls before he makes his decision.

    I loved this episode but it made me so nervous because I was so afraid Flav would pick NY instead of Deelishis which was my pick for him in the beginning. I laughed so hard when he eliminated NY because of how she acted, and because I thought it was funny that Flav brought her back this season just to do the same thing he did to her last, keep her till the final two and eliminate her in the end. I really never liked NY in either season, she is so fake, in my opinion, and I feel like she was on his show for the wrong reason.moreless
  • in this episode flav has to choose between new york and deelishis they go to belize and flav goes on two date. first deelishis then new york. by the end of the two dates he goes to the end stage and chooses to elimanate new york deelishis ended up winningmoreless

    this episode is awesome. i was watching the series and the day new york came in the house i thought she was gonnna win, but at the end she loses. i was expecting her to lose by the way she acted on the boat. i wanted to see wat new york would do if flav elimanated her. the results werre hilarious. overall i think that this episodes is one of that best episodes in this series. it depicts why flav chooses to pick deelishis and why new york ended up losin. i felt that flav made a good decision for himself.moreless
  • Flav and the 2 remaining ladies, Deelishis and New York went on a trip to Belize with Flav. The date gave Flav his though on who should win. New York messed up her datewith Flav by acting like her mother to much. Which most likely gave flav his choice.moreless

    This episode is awesome. What a great finale. It's so hilarous watching them trying to win Flav's heart. I especially laughed when New York was trying to control Flav, and acting like she already won show, and Flav got mad that was hysterical. But even more hilarous is when he told New York she lost.. and she mooned him I litterally spit out all my "Coke" from my mouth. That event made me rewind and play over and over again on my DVR. I'm glad Deelishis won she represent Detroit.(woot!) Altogether it doesn't matter if she lost because New York is getting her own show which will drastically increasr her popularity.moreless
  • Season of Flavor Of Love 2 and it all happens in Belize.

    Yes! Ha lay Loo ya! I Knew he was going to pick Deelishis everybody said "Oh now New york is going to win." but who did he pick...Deelishis!omg it was wicked funny when New York was flipping out when flave picked Deelishis Wicked FUNNY! She was like i hate you flave for that i hate you! Ha Ha Ha Ha I'm not cring i'm just mad Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! And then as soon as she got in the car she was all like Boo hoo i'm so sad right now, Flave why did you brake my heart again? Ha lol!moreless

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