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  • Better Than Most I've Seen.

    So Public Enemy rapper, Flava Flav, invites 20 girls to his 'mansion' and they have to compete to win his heart. For one, Flav is not the least bit attractive. 99% of the girls who came on that show only came for the fame. I think the first season winner, Hoopz or something, is dating Shaq now. Not important... Anyway, this house is filled with all sorts of girls: porn stars, game show contestants, mothers, strippers, mothers that were strippers, gym teachers, white girls that think they're black, you name it. May I add some of these girls were COMPLETE idiots? I remember this one episode where they had to cook a chicken dinner for his mom, and this one girl, can't remember her name, stuffs the raw chicken in the microwave and has the audacity to try and feed it to that woman. This must've been staged or something. No one can be THAT stupid. LOL. I'm surprised she didn't get eliminated. She wasn't even that pretty. There was another fat girl that pooed on the floor during elimination cause she could hold it. What are you 5?! Real or fake, if I were Flav, I would've kicked that nasty girl out of my house. Disgusting.... :S My favorite though was New York. She and her mother were straight up harpies (I felt bad for her dad in that one episode, LMAO), but she WAS funny. I remember when she beat up that ugly blonde girl after she spit on her. Nasty...

    Anyway, it was great fun to watch, but a few other shows stemmed from this one, and those were a little less appealing...
  • ...

    Okay--what's this show about, anyway? I looked at the promotional images, and I hate it. It leaves me speechless how reality TV has taken over television, especially in this day and age. I wonder why Dweeba Dweeb hasn't been filed for abuse charges by the women on his show--especially on another dating show like this? MTV has disappointed me in these days, with craptacular shows like I Heart Money or something stupid like that...just shut up, you reality-challenged morons, and play Daria or Beavis or something GOOD again. I hated reality when it came on, and I hate it still today-this is why.
  • This is one of the many reasons why people are turning away from "reality TV"

    I have seen a lot of bad reality shows, but this is by far in my top 5 worst reality shows ever made. The Flavor of Love is about former rapper Flava Flav, who invites 20 girls into his house and chooses which one of the girls he thinks loves him the most. Idea wise, the show sounds like another The Bachelor, but it's nowhere near that show and seems to mock it (I don't care about that show). All the girls on this show are completely stereotypical and uninteresting with no personalities at all. They also love to be exploited by Flava like as if he thinks they are from the street or the hood. IF not being with Flava, all they do is bicker on and on and on. Besides, most of them were probably on there for the fame only, not for Flava. Flava himself is an idiot who is unappealing and way too old for these girls. He's in his 40s and dates girls that are half his age. He also gives the girls what he thinks are cute nicknames, but are disturbing. Basically an episode of this show goes like this: Flava talks to girls, get to know them, chooses one to sleep with, and if he doesn't like a girl, they are eliminated. Flava also loves to get the girls together and have them fight over stupid and meaningless things. There were also some attempts at humor, but fails miserably. All in all, I believe that giving this show a 1 is WAY too generous and is one of the few shows in my book that deserves a big fat zero. I feel sorry for women for seeing their gender being exploited like that and give women a bad name. If Flava wants to find love, he should just go out and meet women instead. I implore you to not waste any amount of your time on this show.
  • This is not a flavor of love,this is a flavor of loser.

    It's a very terrible show.It's not even better than that so terrible I Love Money.VH1 made another bad show.Especillaly when it has to do with another date show.It's not a good show,it's a terrible one.I would say that VH1 should stop making these reality shows and stick with the music.It is really a bad show and it's a very boring show.I would say that Flavor Flave has been doing a bad acting of this show.I would say that it's not better than The World Series Of Pop Culture.I say that it's a very terrible show.My grade of this show is a F.
  • What was that?

    I don't know if I have evr seen a more awkward show than this one. Flavor Flave is really spaced out in this show. To be honest, The girls don't make up for the creepiness, and if the girls can't turn things around, then I am not watching it. I can only recall three or four girls that were actually hot. The other 300 were basically an ignore for me. I don't know how the show was so popular or how it lasted this long. My wish is that the show would just go away and fly off into the spaceship that it came from. Thank you.
  • Puenteando el Abismo

    Y... uno en algún momento de su vida se pone a pensar cuanto tiempo precioso perdió haciendo cosas que de ninguna manera valían la pena: tratar con gente absolutamente innecesaria, alguna novia que dejaba mucho que desear, algún hobbie inútil, algún curso pedorro... y algún que otro show que sí, me pregunto por qué??!!! Por qué perdí tanto tiempo viendo Flavor of Love??!!! Realmente no lo sé, hay etapas en que uno no tiene mucho que hacer (mi vida está repleta de ellos). Pero bueno, tampoco es taaan desastroso... al menos sirvió para reírme un rato... Qué se le va a hacer?
  • Flava Flav is one ugly son of a b#tch and needs to pay child support instead making shows.

    It's about an ugly, short, mega black man that is stupid and loves to have stupid tramps around him. So what does he do? Make a show. He's show ugly, I looked in the trash saw a raccoon and I thought it was him.
    He has at least 20 women at the start of each season, then he has to pick one, he dissed new york twice and pick the people that used him to get clothing lines, model contracts and spinoffs shows. I have no clue how this show got three season, the women aren't "hot" they're hood rats, Flav is a drug addict, he doesn't have any money or respect for women, the women have no self respect, and the producers of the show laugh as ratings flood through the roof. Then on season three he cut all the internet winners in the first episode which should piss alot of people off.
    Then after all the chaos, fights, spit, dumb comments, old dirty black men, and crap on the floor, Flav decides to marry his baby momma.

    What an idoit.

    All in all a 1, harsh? I think not.
  • This show is a joke!!!

    This is truly one of the only tv shows on cabel that I won't watch. This show is a joke! I honestly don't know what people see in this show. I won't even watch 5 minutes of this show. It is a short little creepy man who is ugly as ---- with hot chicks all around him always bickering. If your watching this show it better be because you like watching the girls in there bikini's. I give this show a 1/10 and the only reason it gets a 1 is because there are hot chicks on the show. However, it's hard to focus on them when their always talking.
  • I love this show! Best dating show there is. Better than "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels" and even better than "I Love New York".

    Flavor Flav is looking for love, and you can bet that there's going to be some drama, some drama, some romance... just about everything. Rapper Flavor Flav needs to find out who he can really spend the rest of his life with, so why not round up some fine ladies, put them in a house, and make a whole television program about it? This show really defines a great dating show, because when you throw in a celebrity, things only get more interesting. Flav needs to find love, not another celebrity. And when the cameras are rolling, there are bound to be people in it for the fame. Be ready for lots of fights, surprises, and funny stuff. "Flavor of Love" is an awesome show.
  • You know what my future spouse has to be good at? COMPETITIVE SPORTS!

    I haven't seen any real love on this show.

    It's just a bunch of girls who parade themselves for a guy who quests for love as much as I quest inside my fridge!

    The girls are exploited for their sex appeal, and Flavor Flav is not helping by allowing this to go on. It is demeaning, and I feel ashamed to be the same gender as most of these girls. If he's just going to fall back on New York, than why make a third season? The cow is bound to run out of milk sometime. But you know, this is television. One day.. This'll be considered 'classic'.

    You have got to take this show for what it is worth; that being said, it is a show totally devoted to one of the most hideous looking monsters of all-time, Flavor-Flav, who was the most insignificant person involved with Public Enemy. Here we are, in the 3rd Season, he still has not found his true love (although please NOTE he IS an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the show 'I LOVE NEW YORK') - something isn't right with that. But the worst part about this whole show is how women are exploited as objects and are not seen as their beautiful, individual selfs. Flav has over 10 children already with over 5 women - now, how could any of these ex-wives or his children feel about this show? It is exploitation at its finest, and I am ashamed to admit that I do watch this show every week, in the hopes that this 'oily cadaver' will see his demise and get his priorities in order.
  • No words can describe how much this show really sucks!!!

    A total discrace and an embarrassment to bleck people everywhere. You would think i like this crap because Bootz lives in my hood and does hair at my salon. However i couldnt imagine a bigger waste of time that this show. Hey if you like this, then i aint gonna bash ya too hard ya know. But as an educated black female who watches alot of tv im gonna have to say your an idiot with no life if you actually like this show. Its pure trash and it goes along with th conspircy to make black people look and act dumber than they really are. Please dont support this show! I beg you!
  • Contains Flavor Flav. Does not contain love.

    Shows like this perhaps aren't meant to be taken seriously in the first place. For what it's worth, though, it winds up being more sad than funny. The whole thing is more like a parade than a comedy about people getting to know each other. I want to like these people, I really do, because I want to believe life is life and we can all face the same issues. However, whatever romance is, it's a little more obvious what it's not. When you pick a bunch of people and you put them through paces, as if you're checking a horse to make sure it's ready to race, you're not really having much of a relationship at all. This is not a metaphor for dating. It's a metaphor for bad dating. So I don't know to whom this show is supposed to appeal. It defeats the very ideas of romance as individuality and discovery. And it gives you many reasons to stay home with a book and a warm bath.
  • so basically....

    so basically this show is about a man in his late 40's who's looking for true love so he makes a t.v. show about it. First, hundreds of women get interviewed and it gets narrowed down to 20. After the 20 women meet Flava Flav, they get their names, he starts to know them individually, and the show begins!. Every week one person gets eliminated except on the first night where 5 people get eliminated. In season 1, the final 2 women were Hoopz and New York. Hoopz won and New York left in tears. In season 2, the finalists were again, New York and Delicous(or however da incorrect spelling is>_>). Delicous won, and first New York left in anger, THEN tears. It didnt work out AGAIN, so now hes back for a 3rd and final season. He doesnt think hes doing it again because of all the unecassary drama the women bring all the time. Lets see how things will turn out this season.....
  • Public Enemy member Flavor Flav invites 20 women to his home to fight *tooth and nail* for his lurve. FLAAAAAVORRRRRR FLAAAAAAVVVV

    Season three of Flavor of Love will be kicking off soon with a whole new bunch of gold diggin wanna be stars. No matter how much they swear black and blue they're NOT there for the fame, they always are. But that's cool to me, it makes them more desparate and more entertaining to watch. Over the past two seasons i've grown to be very fond of Flav and his quest for love, but if he had of just picked Miss New York the first two times there would be no need for a third!. Nonetheless, there will be plenty of cat fights, make out sessions with the gold teeth *cringe*, "flavor flav" shout outs and clocks with the wrong time. Fingers crossed no one takes a dump on the stairs this season....
  • flav of love 3 will star in 08

    The fact of the matter is, Flavor Flav's "romantical" experiment, "The Flavor of Love", didn't quite work. It seems once the show ended, Hoopz (the finalist) started getting a lot of attention, from magazines and men. And now she doesn't have time for her man Flavor Flav.

    After the taping of The Flavor of Love wrapped, Flavor took Hoopz to London to spend some time with him while he completed a small tour with Public Enemy. While there, Flavor asked her to accompany him on a trip to Hawaii. Hoopz informed him that she wouldn't be going. It seems her newfound career was more important than Flavor. You see, Hoopz was an aspiring model/actress just like all the rest. She only went on the show for fame.

    Flavor then called his producers, furious that he had been duped. "Get me 20 more!" He screamed into the phone. "I went through all that and I ended up with nothin'! Get me 20 more!"

    Now Flavor, undaunted by this failure, is going to try again, but this time he's doing it right.

    This season Flavor has chosen 20 new unique girls of all different races, ages and body types and brought them to his mansion. This time the entire show will be focused on truth; No lies, no fakery. This time Flavor is hoping to find real girls who really want to love Flavor Flav. Every challenge Flavor poses, from running a soul food restaurant to competing in a hip hop dance off, will be engineered to weed out the gold diggers, fame chasers, fakes and chicken heads. Whether it's meeting Flavor's celebrity friends from the world of hip hop or accompanying him on a trip to some exotic local, these girls will constantly be put to the test.

    In the end, Flavor will pick his favorite girl and present her with a shiny new gold grill. And this time, hopefully, she won't be a lying gold digger.

    I have watched this show form the first season and now its going on it third will he ever find love?
  • a really horrible show that is so bad you can't stop laughing.

    this show, though stupid and psychotic and horrible and annoying, caused a world wide phenomenon in the reality show industry. many, many more highly viewed shows branched off of flavor of love, including i love new york and tila tequila. flavor of love consisted of 20 woman who try to obtain "flavs" love. this show shouldnt be taken seriously at all. period. it is something fun to laugh at and a good joke to have with friends at all the stupid fights and annoying idiots. if you are obsessed with this show there's obviously somethign wrong with you. it's voulgar and caddy and annoying. the only reason i ever watched it to was to make fun of flav and his "flavettes"
  • Women compete for the love of the old rap star, Flavor Flav. This show has previously had two seasons and is coming to its third season in January.

    Flavor of Love is a great reality TV show created by the producers of VH1. It is not possible for them to have found a better person to take part in this version of the bachelor than Flavor Flav. He is the funniest man in the world, who would ever wear a clock around there neck and exclaim things such as "Yeah boiii" at the age of 50; the answer is no one. He keeps the audience entertained with his weird mannerisms and constantly falling asleep, but in simpler terms this is the master pimp. He has women flocking to him on all fours, he is the man. The women fight for him, fight for his love, fight for his clock, and sometimes they just fight themselves. People competing in this show also make it more interesting, such as the now famous New York (with her own TV show on VH1), Goldie,Pumkin and BuckWild. These characters on the show make is more worth while to spend hours of your life watching. Being my favorite show for its combination of reality TV, drama, and just plain crap makes it the most PERFECT show I have ever watched.
  • UGHHHH when will it end?

    Ok, i have to say first off that i used to watch this show. used to. i voted for hoops. she won.. i was SO excited. and i think that new york was kept there JUST for drama. ridiculous. then they had a second one and its all like "oh the winner wasnt a good match" OKAY they clearly didnt really win, you just want another season. a series that has a winner should END after the winner is chosen. this means that everyone afte season one knew it was a crock and was just going on there to get famous! AND IT WORKED. annoys me.
  • Worst reality ever... I dont know why i even wacht it >.

    The worst reality i have ever seen.. It almost make me piug.. >.< The person who think in this "show" should be killed, is the worst thing that had happened to the TV!! I don't even know why i watch it... I hope it get canceled soon, they have to cancel it to save all the people on the world of watching something so horrible and disgusting like that!! I don't know why i even watch it >..<
  • Not a very good show. Bad idea, crazy main character, a lot of cursing. Why I still give a 5? It's so damn stupid it's hilarious.

    This show is about one crazy man trying to find his "true" love with a TV show. This sentence alone is contradictional as is this whole show. There are several reasons this show is very bad.
    - "Flavor Flav" I mean come on, this guy is ridiculous. I don't know his music but his whole appearance and his behaviour like he is the biggest and baddest rapper in the whole wide world and a man every women loves is just nonsense
    - The girls and their very disrespectful nicknames: Which girl on earth would love this man? I mean if they get to know him step by step and maybe more private.... But these girls "love" him from the very beginning and they're in this show just for him, sure...
    - The concept. TV SHOW - LOVE (anyone seeing that contradiction???) It couldn't work and it didn't work.
    - The dialogues and catfights (though they're very funny) So many curses and beeps in one show, my god...

    BUT it's ok that this show is very bad. Because the other day German MTV had this whole "Flavor of Love" day and I watched some episodes and was just laughing the whole time. It was very entertaining and so damn stupid. Especially this girl New York was hilarious. The fact that they all hated each other and wanted to strangle each other was very entertaining... So, a bad show, but entertaining.
  • Due to genuine loneliness, impecuniosity, fatuity and ignorance, Flava Flav decides he needs to find a mate. What better way than to round up the local 'chickenheads' and pick them off on a 'reality' show?

    Who thought of this? I'd like to think no one concieved this show, but rather all the repugnant effluence of 'reality' shows dripped out like loose fecal matter and coalesced into the current 'skidmark' of a show that I am reviewing. However, I am ambivalent about this show. It is disgusting but completely amusing, if you are able to take this light heartedly. Think of 'Joe Millionaire' and 'Average Joe', and all of those 'find me a mate to rut with' shows and consider this an abomination, a further degeneration in league with these shows. But surprisingly, it is more genuine than the rest, or rather Flava is more genuine than the rest. Be it his genuine need for money, publicity or love, the man is desperate and exposed. Juxtapose this with the disingenuous fawning of the putative girlfriends, willingly objectified by this complete dolt (e.g. his renaming them) and you have a bitter taste of what reality shows are: pathetic. Flava, may be 'for real' but he still perpetuates an insipid 'gangsta' bravado that you believe he may actually be retarded.
    Keep in mind, these are morons you are watching, especially Flav, and this may amuse you, despite everything that is totally wrong with this. The objectification of women amusing? Depends on your taste.
  • The show has issues and I love it. This is my guilty pleasure!

    At first I wasn't attracted to the show but I caught a marathon and sat and nearly watch the whole 2 seasons. Now I understand why everyone was talkin about it som mmuch. It's like "are these girls really serious?" But you watch anyway to see who get kicks off and argues. Honestly, who cares about Flavor Flav. Even though I don't like New York she was the star of the show because she cause the most problems and is very very dramatic. This caused her to have ger own show. This show is full of surprises: good, bad, and funny.
  • I cannot believe I didn't change the channel when this first premiered, but something was just making me want to look on. haha.

    Sure, the whole concept of 20 women fighting for the love of Flavor Flav is quite interesting, but it just was a little to ronchy for me, I mean, sure VH1 had cut out some stuff, but some of those girls on the show were a little too obsessive, and ghetto (dare I say the least), and "striper-ish" haha. But overall, the show was quite entertaining, haha. It always kept me wondering on what crazy funky challenge Flav was to plan out. HAHA.
  • First of all I don't know what those women want with flavor of love.Flavor of Love is a down low pimp.Money can't make you happy.So my advice to those women if you only there for his money leave it a long.Don't get trap into a relationship you don't want.

    Flavor of love those women are just there for your money.Don't get trap into a relationship when you know that women don't love you.You are only trying to become there pimp.They shouldn't allow this kind of show to be air.Its not good for our kids to watch.Think of a positive message to send out there.You not cute.Get rid of the gold teeth.You are to old for that.
  • I love Flavor Flav. He is one of a kind and no one in my opinion is gonna be good enough for him.

    Flavor likes to be out and in the limelight. I don't think any girl is going to sit back and watch him flirt with other women in front of them. But that is Flav. He may love you to death but he still has eyes for the other girls around him. My son had the privilage to meet him and get his picture taken with him. I was very upset because I would have given anything just to be in the same room with him. I think he is an honest person and is looking for love in all the wrong places. Good luck finding someone who will love you for who you are and not what they want you to be.
  • It's obviously not the deepest show out there, like most reality shows, but the entertainment value is there a little bit, although it's nothing I'd watch more than once.

    This show exploits women and all that, but honestly I dont think they mind. But anyway the point of this show is to match Flavor Flav up with whoever he likes the best, or whoever is the most "real". So there are like 20 girls at the start all with nicknames, and all except for 1 get eliminated. He eliminates them by giving everyone he wants a clock, and everyone he isn't "feeling" doesn't get one. It's just like the bachelor, except instead of roses the girls get clocks.......oh and by the way...... they fight about 30 times every episode. It's not even good to watch most of the time, because it's always about something pointless. It's always about he's my man, you're uglier than me, I've got bigger booty, or whatever. Although, sometimes it gets kindof funny... like when Flavor Flav calls Nibbles Nipples, and when Crazy gets called out by 36mafia. It's got some entertainment value, but most of it is annoying. I'm giving this one a "real" 5 out of 10.
  • Horribly amusing, but shows how stupid people can be

    I have no problem with the whole "exlpoits women" thing, because franky, if you want to be exploited, go ahead. I just think you end up looking like an idiot. Congrats to all these girls who just showed us how stupid and desprate the human race can be.
    From Deelishious and her virtually non-existant ho skirt that showed her entire ass, and then some on her audition tape (My god. She has a daughter. Stop dressing like a stripper) to Somethin pooing all over the floor, to New York acting like the biggest freaking sped on Earth, to Toastee and Nibblez and their porn. These girls are dragging the Womens Movement through the mud. And Flavor Flav isn't much better. And i'm only saying that because he has the money.
    Absolutely idiotic. It makes you want to scream bloody murder at how dumb people & TV have become.
  • The concept: 20 women vie to be the romantic partner of Flava Flav in a weekly, elimination-style competition. The results: Hilarious! If all you know about Flava Flav is from his days as the hype man for Public Enemy, prepare to be surprised.

    First of all, in the interests of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I don't usually like reality shows. The contestants are mostly unlikable, vacuous, duplicitous publicity seekers who willingly prostitute themselves for a fleeting 15 seconds of fame. And the program concepts are usually trite and lame. So why did I get hooked on Flavor of Love? The concept has been done to death. The contestants are the usual suspects. But the secret weapon of this show was Flava himself. Far from the buffoonery of his public persona, the real man proved to be a thoughtful, savvy individual who actually seemed to care about finding the perfect partner.

    And, I must confess, I came to enjoy the constant drama and infighting, and the larger-than-life personalities of the contestants. It's like watching the WWE: you know it's fake; the villians are so cartoonishly over the top that it's funny, but you can't look away (not to mention that some of them chicks wuz HAWT!). By Season 2, the formula had gelled and become familiar, but the producers injected just enough new twists and turns to keep me watching. And, although Season 1's winner didn't end up being the match for Flava, Deelishis in Season 2 seems to be working out for him. One can't help being happy for the man. As for the spinoff, I Love New York- I don't. I'll deal with her another time, another place.
  • This show is about Flava Flav bringing in 20 women to find his true love. Every week he has competitions and eliminations.

    I absolutely looove this show because it is hilarious. I just loove the drama the girls bring to the show. The fights they have over Flav and etc. is pure must-see-TV. If you haven't seen this show before you should buy the DVD. I highly recommend this show because it is interesting and will keep you in stitches. My favorite from Season 1 is Red Oyster and New York. My favorite from Season 2 is Bootz and Deelishis. I'm just glad he chose Deelishis in Season 2 because Hoopz was just in it for the publicity, fame, and fortune. I give it 8.9/10.
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