Flavor of Love

VH1 (ended 2008)


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  • Better Than Most I've Seen.

    So Public Enemy rapper, Flava Flav, invites 20 girls to his 'mansion' and they have to compete to win his heart. For one, Flav is not the least bit attractive. 99% of the girls who came on that show only came for the fame. I think the first season winner, Hoopz or something, is dating Shaq now. Not important... Anyway, this house is filled with all sorts of girls: porn stars, game show contestants, mothers, strippers, mothers that were strippers, gym teachers, white girls that think they're black, you name it. May I add some of these girls were COMPLETE idiots? I remember this one episode where they had to cook a chicken dinner for his mom, and this one girl, can't remember her name, stuffs the raw chicken in the microwave and has the audacity to try and feed it to that woman. This must've been staged or something. No one can be THAT stupid. LOL. I'm surprised she didn't get eliminated. She wasn't even that pretty. There was another fat girl that pooed on the floor during elimination cause she could hold it. What are you 5?! Real or fake, if I were Flav, I would've kicked that nasty girl out of my house. Disgusting.... :S My favorite though was New York. She and her mother were straight up harpies (I felt bad for her dad in that one episode, LMAO), but she WAS funny. I remember when she beat up that ugly blonde girl after she spit on her. Nasty...

    Anyway, it was great fun to watch, but a few other shows stemmed from this one, and those were a little less appealing...