Flavor of Love

Season 2 Episode 3

She Works Hard for Her Honey

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2006 on VH1
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Twelve girls are left and jealousy is running rampant. Flav divides into groups of six and presents them with two challenges.

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  • This week,the girls are split into two groups. One group has to run a soul food restaurant and the other has to clean up the Hip-Hop Legend Warren G's house. When Pashytnz is confronted by Bootz about her wanting to be with an asain boy, things get crazy!moreless

    This episode was funny. At the beginning, everyone doesn't like how Krazy spent a lot of time with Flav at night. I think that Flav really likes Krazy because she isn't acting weird or anything, she just keeps it real. Then 6 girls go to run a Soul Food restaurant. Somethin end up getting fired cause she's crazy. He ends up picking Bootz for the private date. She is kind of annoying I think. Then the six others have to clean Warren G's house. Flav's so stupid how he said Nipplz instead of Nibblz. Then after Pashyntz and Bootz get into it because Bootz is making fun of how she's likes asians. So in the end, Pashyntz gets a clock but doesn't accept it because Bootz stayed.moreless
  • The girls are given a challenge to work in a restuarant or clean a house. Two girls are eliminated and one girl eliminates herself.

    Ahh...another Flav-o-gram challenge. Half of the girls (Krazy, Bootz, Somethin, Toastee, Deelishis, and Buckwild) are sent to work at a Soul Food restaurant. Toastee says she doesn't know what soul food is and while I think she'll be around for a little while, that's a pretty good indication that she's not truly after Flav's heart.

    Deelishis wears a satin skirt to walk around in and does not a lot of work, but looks good doing it so Flav doesn't seem to mind. Buckwild is, well, buckwild and says she is a waitress at her job before coming on the show. Krazy is also listed as a waitress on vh1, so their jobs should be a piece of cake. Except that Somethin plays around and doesn't do her job and screws it all up for the other girls. It seems to me like there's not a lot of anything going on in Somethin's head. So she gets fired. (thankfully) and Bootz ends up winning the competition by doign all the dirty work in the kitchen. She gets a romantic dinner date with Flav, which must've been pretty boring because they didn't show much of it.

    When they return to the house, Flavor decides to spend some one on one time with Deelishis, and Krazy gets upset because she thought she had the upper hand. Krazy finds out that Flav is alone in his room with Deelishis she gets all emotional. Puh-lease. Did she not watch the last season of the show and realize this stuff would be going on.

    Pasyshintz, Tiger, Beautiful, Like Dat, Buckey, and Nibblez have to clean Warren G.'s house in 1 ½ hours which is a HUGE mess. If I had been at the party they would also have to clean my vomit off the lawn just from being in there. Nibblez goes at the bathroom gung ho and in doing so wins a date with Flav.

    Onto elimination ceremony...Tiger and Somethin' don't get clocks this round. I guess he just couldn't get over the poo episode and Tiger was faker than fake and had to go.

    Payshintz is the last one to get a clock but instead of accepting the clock breaks down into tears about how she just can't. Apparently she's never seen a catfight in her life, or couldn't deal with the first black man she hooks up with being as ugly as Flav!moreless
  • The women have to work in a restaurant, clean a house, and two more girls get sent home, and one finally decides to leave.

    Flavor gram tells the girls that 6 of them will go to Flavors favorite eating spot, and the other 6 will join him another day. So Krazy, Bootz, Boo Boo Sparx ummmm I mean Somethin, Toastee, Deelicious, and Buckwild work at his favorite restaurant M&M Soulfood. He says he wants to know that women will be willing to work hard for the money and not spend all of his. Keep it real Flav, you have all those kids, (in my best Martin voice), you ain’t got no money man!!!!

    Deelicious ends up getting a lot of looks because of her backside. One woman comments that’s too much bootie for one person. Buckwild raps Happy Birthday to someone and is told not to quit her day job. Somethin gets fired, and you can just tell that will be her demise on the show. Bootz is taking this whole competition seriously, and she digs in when she has to clean the catfish, and the chicken. She ends up winning the competition and a one on one date with Flavor. A romantic date on the hillside. Everytime the women kiss him, I get the heebie jeebies. I mean yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

    When they return to the house, Flavor decides to spend some one on one time with Deelishis, and Krazy is not pleased about it. She feels they had this wonderful connection the night before, did she forget they are in a competition? So when Flava tells him he can’t meet her in the hot tub later, she is all upset. When Krazy find out he is with Deelishis in his room, she gets all emotional. I guess he gave her the right name because she is acting crazy!!! She keeps that up she will not get a clock. Bootz is the spy of the house, and always uses what she hears to give her and edge. She needs to be careful or it will backfire on her.

    Pasyshintz, Tiger, Beautiful, Like Dat, Buckey, and Nibblez end up cleaning the home of Warren G. Now come on!!!! I’ve been to some parties where things get wild, but there is no way you are going to tell me Warren allowed that kind of a mess to be made by the guest in his home. House was just nasty!!!!! They had to clean the house in 1 ½ hours.

    Back at the Flavor of love mansion Somethin walks in and finds some girls talking about her. She can’t understand why the women are still talking about her taking a dump on the floor, but she is happy she did it because she stands out. Yeah whatever, there are some things I want to remember, but I don’t want to be remembered for taking a dump on the floor!!! Of course people will talk about that because that is NASTY.

    Nibblez is willing to attack the nasty bathroom and does so with gusto. Tiger attacks the backyard. Nibbles wins the date, and the women are not pleased about it. Back at the house Bootz and Somethin are fighting.

    2 more voted off. Tiger which was not a big surprise and Somethin. She should have been voted off the first show. Flavor notices Krazy is being a little jealous, and I’m sure he will keep an eye on that. Tiger was not there for the right reasons, and well Flavor could not get past Somethin pooping on his floor, and I don’t blame him!!!

    Payshintz reveals she can’t keep doing the show, and does not accept the clock that Flavor offers. First woman to decline. I guess she will go find her a Chinese man now.

    9 girls left. Things are getting interesting.


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