Flavor of Love

Season 2 Episode 8

Steppin' Out Flav Style

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on VH1
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With four contestants remaining, Flav takes two ladies sailing and escorts the other two to wine country for some grape stomping. Later, two of the women are invited to Flav's suite for a nightcap, and one contestant is eliminated.

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  • Flav takes the remaining four girls on 2 double dates with Deelshis and Krazy going on a boat " The Queen Mary " and Bootz and New York going to a Vinyered and Hotelmoreless

    Okay so right now my favorites were Deelishis and Bootz and i dispise New York - Why would he bring her back ? - and i think Krazy is fake. Over all in the first date Krazy was talking about getting about his heart or across the room or, well i couldnt understand what she was sayin witch was nothin absolutly nothin and Deelishis answers " I like what i Like and what i Like right now is you " and im glad she got the date but nothin happened , nothin happened and on the Vinyerd Flav is more interested in Bootz then New York - Can you blame him ? - so she childishly walks out and come on Bootz you shoulda seen that comin you gotta play the game. at Elimnation my girl Bootz was elimnated and she walks out makeing new york look stupid by giving Flav a note saying " call me when you get sick of these hoes " yeah thats how you play the game but uh it unfortuante its a little bit to late tho. So the winner is clearly Deelishis for keeping her class on her date. The loser is New York for acting like a brat and then acting like a slut on her date with Flav so she gotta be the loser.moreless
  • This was a pretty good episode, but definatley not my favorite.

    Okay so here's how it went down:

    Flav took all four girls on dates. Of course lol. I found it rather ironic how he put the girls that got along the worst together: Boots and New York, and Delicious and Crazy. hahaha what drama. So flav picked delicious and new york to go back to the hotel with. I think I like delicious, shes pretty cool. new york oh my goodness what a slut. i hate her so much. she was screaming WAY too loud when she was with flav. she is so annoying, it was probably becuase she knew the cameras were rolling.

    So yea, we'll see what happens next.moreless
  • In this episode Flav takes all four girls on tripis-two at a time.

    This episode was pretty good even though last season I didn't really like the episode where he takes the girls on trips. Anyways, as usual, New York acts like a freaking baby cause she doesn't get to go first. Flav goes on a boat ride with Deelishis and Krazy. then he takes them to dinner. I really think Krazy looked hot at dinner. He ends up taking a man back to a hotel room. Oh wait, that's Deelishis. Then he goes on a date with Bootz and New York. New York has a fabulous body this season and she was tearing up that winery in that bikini.Flav is paying a lot of attention to Bootz at dinner and NY walks off like a baby. I give Bootz credit for staying celibate. She's not a slut like NY.moreless
  • Flav splits the ladies into 2 and takes Deelishis and Krazy. Meanwhile New York keeps on dramatizing, on how she couldn't get a date. The next day New York finally gets her date with Flav, but Bootz won't let her take him that easily.moreless

    This episode is grat. I was laughing when New York was crying, she is such a baby, but it seems like she's really smart when it comes to "hogging" Flav. I especially liked when Krazy was singing she really does deserve a record. I was mad Bootz left with her enormous rack.

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