Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 5

A Fish Story

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 19, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • This episode was really good...

    My favorite parts of this episode were when Jackson was fishing. He got little notes from someone, that contained hooks. He thought the person sending him the notes was Lex, but it was Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the only episode in the first season that has slight hints of a Jackson and Taylor romance in it. Eric was a real jerk in this episode. Even though his job is the hardest, and the most painful. He still should of at least done Melissa\\\'s easy job. Nathan Daley and lex went out to look for fruit. Stubborn Nathan spent all day getting coconuts from one tree, Daley and Lex find a lot more fruit than him.
  • Another, 'teamwork' episode.

    Really, what happened at the end where Nathan was humiliated about Daley finding all that fruit in that time while all he got were a few coconuts. I would be proud. The girls probably couldn't climb that. Eric would be too lazy, Lex too small, and I don't know about Jackson. But I liked this episode, again, because it was one of those episodes where they all work together hard to collect something to survive on the island. What surprised me was that Taylor could fish. She seemed like a little, bratty, rich girl, not really rich, but a spolied little girl who hates outdoor activites like fishing. Then let us not fogret about stubborn Eric who was too lazy to do work and pretend to be hurt and make poor, old, Melissa lug all of that dang water. UGHHHH!!!!