Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids
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Nine teenagers and a 10-year-old boy are planning on having a school trip they will never forget. However, they get more than they bargained for when their plane crashes and they end up stuck on an island with nothing but canned food, an airplane, and each other.moreless

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  • I realize no one has made a review for this show in a while, so I want to change that. :)

    I haven't seen this show in so long. When I realized it was Youtube, I watched the first season.

    I so love this episode. It's the beginning of the season and everyone is on edge as soon as they crash. (Well almost everyone.) Taylor and Eric are so air headed when they first land. They think they are on a short vacation till rescue comes, so they just lay back and relax. Taylor is so ignorant (sorry to all Taylor fans) because she thinks that everything is going to be ok. And Eric (sorry to all Eric fans) is not helping. he is so lazy. he acts like my brother.

    Daley and Nathan are so cool. Even though they are a little competitive. Yeah, I said competitive. But they are really cool. Instead of sitting around and goofing off, they help the group by looking for food and finding water. Even though they scold at each other that their way is better. the only real thing I don't like about them is that they fight all the time. But, hey, this is where all the juicy drama comes from. :)

    Malissa is the coolest person on the island. She is so level headed.And Jackson is also so cool. They are my FAVORITE people on the island. Malissa is like the small scared girl who need to get her confidence up and Jackson is the hot, ad boy the show really needs.

    Then there is the youngest and smartest 10 year old kid: Lex. I can't elieve that he was smarter then the rest of the group and focused his attention of the tides. He didn't get caught up in all the drama. He kept his cool. He saved the plane (with the others help) and brought the group together. (Well at least for now.)

    This is one of my favorite shows and now I can watch it as many time at I want.moreless
  • The beginning! Everyone starts off as their-selves. As time builds new attitudes are revealed. Piliot.

    This is awesome I was so excited to see it and now its my fave show. Everything about it gets 100% in my book. Its an awesome show with lots and lots of excitment. Its not a rip off of lost but a new beginning for a ORIGINAL kid/teens/adults all in one Tv show. Its amazing and every single character has their own personality that represents the show perfectly. This is my fave show every and it will always be. I encourage everyone who reads this to watch Flight 29 Down..its not a promise but you wont be sorry once you watched it!moreless
  • the start of it all it was a great epidsde it why i love the show so musch everyone shoud see this

    the great beging to a wonderful show every one shoud see it i love it so musch i cant wait tell it comes out on dvd it rocks all my faimely likes the episde and it not a rip off of lost cause its cooler than lost and made be for it came out so stop saying that it is flight 29 down rocks dude every one in the world shoud see it im watching it right now i cant wait for the last episde too hatel tango it will rock like the rocker rocker show i love it somoreless
  • This show is so good.

    Okay so kids from a school have a plane crash on there way headed to some adventure. So they all survive but the captain and 3 other kids looked for people in the forest. While the others were worrying about being leader and food and rescue is coming soon so we don't have to worry. They had a radio but it only works when planes are around. Nathan comes with an idea to put there thoughts on a tape so when they need to let some thing out. Later though the captain and the 3 other kids come back with not the best news.moreless
  • I was hooked from the beginning.

    This episode was a great way to begin such a great series. The special effects of the plane crash was great, for a kids show. We are introduced to all the characters and their different personalities and that was good. Some of the acting was mediocre but most of it was great. I liked how Jackson was quiet until close to the end and he made them listen to Lex. It goes to show that younger people do know best, so all the grownups out there should listen to us more. I have the dvd and I can't wait to watch the next episode. Hopefully they won't let Daley take over and one thing that was strange was how irresponsible the only adult was. KIDs ARe THe FUTURe.moreless
John Kapelos

John Kapelos

Captain Russell

Guest Star

B.K. Cannon

B.K. Cannon

Jory Twist

Guest Star

Blade Rogers

Blade Rogers

Ian Milbaurn

Guest Star

Tani Lynn Fujimoto

Tani Lynn Fujimoto

Abby Fujimoto

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • TRIVIA: The castaways are Lex, age 10; Nathan, age 16; Melissa, age 16; Eric, age 16; Daley, age 16; Taylor, age 16; Jackson, age 16; Abby, age 16; Jory, age 16; Ian, age 16 and the pilot, Captain Russell, age unknown.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, it is revealed that Nathan and Taylor previously dated until they broke up when Nathan lost the class president election.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Melissa: We saved the plane. It was pretty awesome. The way we all worked together. And I really think if everybody puts their personal stuff aside and thinks like a team, we'll be okay until we get rescued.

    • Nathan: My name's Nathan McHugh and I'm one of the eleven people from Los Angeles who...crashed on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. We're not sure how long we're gonna be here, but I thought it would be a smart idea to make a diary in case...well, in case whatever. Uh, we all go to the same school, but we're not a bunch. Melissa's great. You know, I think she's the one person we can all rely on. I hate to say I'm glad she's here, but...I'm glad she's here. Daley? She's totally competent, but...she's an ego case. If an idea isn't hers, it's not a good one. Eric's a funny guy, but he's strange. He's acting like this is a vacation. I wonder what he's gonna do when reality hits. Taylor's gonna need a clue. Or you know what? Maybe it's better that she doesn't have one, 'cause if she figures out how much trouble we're in, her brain might explode. I don't get Jackson. You know, he's only been at school a couple of months so nobody really knows him. I don't know if he's cool or super smart or brain-dead. To be honest, he gives me the creeps. And Daley's little stepbrother, Lex, is here, unfortunately. You know, this is gonna be tough enough without having a little kid getting all upset on us.

    • Nathan: We had no idea how long we'd be stuck. But one thing was clear: we needed a leader to keep us together and be a grown-up. Unfortunately, all we had was Captain Chaos.

    • Melissa: Where do you think we are? I mean, we can't be far off course, can we?
      Nathan: I don't know, Mel. You know, maybe we were lucky enough to land where somebody'll find us quick. Maybe we're lucky just to be anywhere.

    • Daley: Call the other plane with the rest of our group. Or call the airport at Palau or-or call the Navy.
      Captain Russell: Maybe I can just tune into the Yankees game while I'm at it.
      Daley: That's not funny.
      Captain Russell: You want funny? Listen.
      (turns on the radio and only static is heard)
      Daley: Which means?
      Captain Russell: Which means this radio is about as useless as this plane. How's that for funny?

    • Nathan: That was the moment. The last time everything was still cool. The trip had just started and nobody hated anybody else...much. Everything was exactly the way it was supposed to be. None of us had a clue that we were on the edge of a cliff and about to step off.

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