Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • I realize no one has made a review for this show in a while, so I want to change that. :)

    I haven't seen this show in so long. When I realized it was Youtube, I watched the first season.

    I so love this episode. It's the beginning of the season and everyone is on edge as soon as they crash. (Well almost everyone.) Taylor and Eric are so air headed when they first land. They think they are on a short vacation till rescue comes, so they just lay back and relax. Taylor is so ignorant (sorry to all Taylor fans) because she thinks that everything is going to be ok. And Eric (sorry to all Eric fans) is not helping. he is so lazy. he acts like my brother.

    Daley and Nathan are so cool. Even though they are a little competitive. Yeah, I said competitive. But they are really cool. Instead of sitting around and goofing off, they help the group by looking for food and finding water. Even though they scold at each other that their way is better. the only real thing I don't like about them is that they fight all the time. But, hey, this is where all the juicy drama comes from. :)

    Malissa is the coolest person on the island. She is so level headed.And Jackson is also so cool. They are my FAVORITE people on the island. Malissa is like the small scared girl who need to get her confidence up and Jackson is the hot, ad boy the show really needs.

    Then there is the youngest and smartest 10 year old kid: Lex. I can't elieve that he was smarter then the rest of the group and focused his attention of the tides. He didn't get caught up in all the drama. He kept his cool. He saved the plane (with the others help) and brought the group together. (Well at least for now.)

    This is one of my favorite shows and now I can watch it as many time at I want.
  • The beginning! Everyone starts off as their-selves. As time builds new attitudes are revealed. Piliot.

    This is awesome I was so excited to see it and now its my fave show. Everything about it gets 100% in my book. Its an awesome show with lots and lots of excitment. Its not a rip off of lost but a new beginning for a ORIGINAL kid/teens/adults all in one Tv show. Its amazing and every single character has their own personality that represents the show perfectly. This is my fave show every and it will always be. I encourage everyone who reads this to watch Flight 29 Down..its not a promise but you wont be sorry once you watched it!
  • the start of it all it was a great epidsde it why i love the show so musch everyone shoud see this

    the great beging to a wonderful show every one shoud see it i love it so musch i cant wait tell it comes out on dvd it rocks all my faimely likes the episde and it not a rip off of lost cause its cooler than lost and made be for it came out so stop saying that it is flight 29 down rocks dude every one in the world shoud see it im watching it right now i cant wait for the last episde too hatel tango it will rock like the rocker rocker show i love it so
  • This show is so good.

    Okay so kids from a school have a plane crash on there way headed to some adventure. So they all survive but the captain and 3 other kids looked for people in the forest. While the others were worrying about being leader and food and rescue is coming soon so we don't have to worry. They had a radio but it only works when planes are around. Nathan comes with an idea to put there thoughts on a tape so when they need to let some thing out. Later though the captain and the 3 other kids come back with not the best news.
  • I was hooked from the beginning.

    This episode was a great way to begin such a great series. The special effects of the plane crash was great, for a kids show. We are introduced to all the characters and their different personalities and that was good. Some of the acting was mediocre but most of it was great. I liked how Jackson was quiet until close to the end and he made them listen to Lex. It goes to show that younger people do know best, so all the grownups out there should listen to us more. I have the dvd and I can't wait to watch the next episode. Hopefully they won't let Daley take over and one thing that was strange was how irresponsible the only adult was. KIDs ARe THe FUTURe.
  • Strong premiere.

    A plane full of kids crashes on a desert island and they struggle to survive. That's pretty much the premise, and it could easily go either direction in terms of quality. Thankfully, they get off to a good start with some great character conflicts. The friendly Nathan and controlling Daley vie for leadership. Taylor and Eric goof off and refuse to accept the seriousness of the situation. Lex, probably the smartest of the group, is often ignored because he's also the youngest. And Jackson is the voice of reason who's also ignored, but because he's a loner that's new to this group of kids.

    This episode pretty much covers their first day as one group searches the island, another takes an inventory of supplies, and the others just run around trying to figure things out. Tension arises when Lex reveals the incoming tide, which will sweep away the plane if they don't all shut up and work together.

    The dialogue is a little corny, but distinct and energetic. The characters are a tad stereotypical, but nicely played with well-written interactions. Add to that some slick direction, effects, and production designs, and you get a great pilot. As I said above, this series could still go either way, but I eagerly anticipate future episodes. Bring them on!
  • this episode is what started the whole series.

    this episode like i said starts it all it is the 1st episode and even though its related to a show called lost. this show is way cooler so go ahead you will not be sorry.trust me this is better because it actually shows teens and how they survive. surviving as teens is a lot difficult to survive as adults because they have fewer skills than adults. and as you watch you actually get to see how long they are stranded a whopping 24 days! so seriously ask yourself "should i watch this show?" well the answer would be yes!
  • Pretty good start for a REAL good show!

    The first episode I watched was 'It's Lonely at the Top' and thought, "What are these kids talking about and where are they?" (That was early this summer when we had just recieved hundreds of more channels on our Dish Network) But thanks to the Flight 29 Down Marathon early this August, I got to understanding everything that happened to the group of teenagers. And at first, I thought pretty much everybody would help. (except stubborn Taylor, and lazy Eric) But anyway, this was a pretty good episode for a start. I think this show will last for quite a few years. And though he's kind of mysterious, I think Jackson is one of the best characters. They don't really ever show him scared, like a leader is supposed to be.
  • A plane crashes carrying 10 kids and a pilot. To survive they must live off the land and what few supplies they have. This is the pilot epidode.

    Although this is not one of my favored episodes, I still liked it alot. Since this was the pilot, it was not as good as the other ones, because in this one the show had to get out all the characters and basics. It is a very, no extremely amazing episode. If you haven't seen it, I would definetly set aside some time to watch it. It makes the whole serious make sense and it is a great episode. This episode is exciting and has some humor in it. The pilot was hilarious. This episode was everything, exciting, informational, humourous, and even a little nerve wracking.
  • Rather interesting.

    I didn't start this show from the begining. My first episode was actually "Until Proven Guilty". This episode was a great start, I think. The plane crashes on an island and you get to really see what the characters are going to be like and it makes you excited and wondering if they will ever actually get off the island. I think it was awesome. I loved how they had such an ending with so much suspense.
  • Awesome,the best kids show on television.

    Flight 29 down is a show based on 7 kids who normally wouldn't even talk to each other.There's chaos, excitement, adventure,and drama. We have the new kid, the two who want to be leaders, two who have no common sense, and two sensible ones no one listens to. You can already tell that trouble is brewing on the island. A must see show.
  • NNnnnrrrrrrmmmm crash. (That was the plane)

    One thing really...no I take that back. Two things really bugged me about the pilot. Number one, they really should have included ALL of the actors in the first opening. It's really segregational to include only a select few. Before the show had really even started when knew who was going to make it and be focused on and I don't like shows that do that. Surprise me. Make me guess who will live and who will go to the other side of the island. The second thing is that I think they should have given the other three kids more dialog. I can only hear Taylor say "We won't be here long" so many times before she needs to stop talking all together, and the pilot was a bit too cocky and got on my nerves post-crash, he was alright before. This appears to be off to a decent start, so I am ready to see what happens next.
  • Hook Line and Sinker (PG)

    This was exactly what I expeced it to be. Yes it may seem like a so called watered down version of lost but it's interesting, exciting, informative and very entertaining. I look forward to the coninuation of the series and I hope for many interesting episodes such as this one. The actors did a great job; very believable. The plot, the dialogue, the casting all excellent. This is a definate plus in the world of teens especially since there is continuous conflict between the characters. The show leaves you itching for the next episode wondering what may happen next on the island.