Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 03, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • I love the song Jackson sings!!

    Taylor creates a new holiday! Everyone gets excited about it, though Daley doesn't seem to happy about the holiday. Nathan later tries to talk to Daley about what Melissa said, but she acts rude to get Nathan hate her. But she later reveals that she likes Nathan but just doesn't want to get in a relationship on the island.

    Also Melissa and Lex think Eric is trying to ruin the holiday, but it turns out that he was making something to help with making fires. And Jackson suprises everyone with a song.

    It was a great episode. One of my favorites!
  • Taylor creates a holiday to cheer everyone up.

    Taylor creates a holiday to try to cheer everyone up. You have to make a gift for everyone. Nathan and Daley have 'the talk" and Daley says she doesn't like him. Lex and Mellisa saw Erik by the stuff and Lex says "your stealing again?" and Mellisa's like "again?" Ooops. When theyre having the feast Dayley doesn't have a gift. Everyone starts fighting until Jackson saves the day with the gutair. Mellisa goes to see Daley after becomming jealous of Taylor and Jackson. Daley says she didn't want a realationship on the island and that's why she lied to Nathan. That little moment of jealousy was awesome.
  • This episode is about how taylor comes up with the idea that they need a holiday!! she calls it chilloween..lol.. and they all have to bring a gift and they have a feast sorta!! dally and nathan finally talk..well u will see when u watch it!

    I thought this episode was very,very good!! like one of my favs!!chilloween..lol i thought that was funny!! and i think that dalley should of just told nathan how she felt!! poor nathan!! anyway..i think there is definately something between taylor and jackson..i think they are soo cute together!! This episode was all together wonderful!!
  • Taylor feels that they need more excitement in their lives sice thier crash so she makes up a holiday called chilloween meanwhile daley starts acting like her old self so she and nathan won't be acouple despite her feelngs for Nathan.

    this was a really fun episode because jackson plays his guitar and sings and is really good. Also daley tells Melanie that she likes Nathan when she told nathan that she just wanted to be freinds because it would be too akward to be a couple there.Nathan also makes a neat bracelet for daley right before she shot him down and threw it in the ocean. Nathan then gets really mad and sort of hate daley again while she runs out on the chilloween festivities.Every one then has to make presents and Melanie and lex are really suspicious. the episode really kept me on my toes and hoping for more.
  • Taylor creates a holiday in order to help everyone feel like a family, and Nathan tries to talk to Daley about his feelings for her.

    Lex makes a warm shower, Jackson reveals his guitar playing skills, much to everyone's surprise, and Daley reveals to Melissa that she lied to Nathan about how she feels. This could be a pivotal episode, since now Daley and Nathan have seemingly become enemies again...but could something happen later to change that?
  • Shows them feeling as if they are a Family!!!

    It shows how the whole experience has made them all act as a family. Even though they are all different and are apart of groups in school they became a family in only this short amount of days. Jackson finally showed the group that he can play the guitar and it shows a little thing between him and Taylor that might show they have a connection to each other which Melissa saw. It also showed how Daley actually does have feelings for Nathan even though she said she did not. That is the new episode of Flight 29 Down.
  • I loved this episode! Nathan and Daley finally talked about him beging in love with her.

    It was a great episode! Nathan finally confronted Daley about him beging in love with her by making her a braclet which he through in the ocean after she turned him down, he acted like Melissa lied when she said he was in love with her. Also at the party everyone was supposed to bring a gift for the entire group. Daley is the only one who doesn't due to bad memories of holidays after her mom died. Jackson's gift to the group was a song. The song he sang to Taylor in "Where There's Smoke" but the whole thing. At the end Daley Tells Melissa she loves Nathan too but she made it seem like she didn't because of the whole no relationships rule.
  • taylor wanted to bring everyones sprits so she invented a holiday called chilloween

    this episode was really really good taylor has invented a holiday called chilloween everyone agreed with it except daley.everyone was telling what there favrite holidays.aylor and jackson were decorating it was funny when she called him a yoda. nathan told daley how really likes but she pretened to not like him. lexs and melissa were accusing eric with stealing. on the night of chilloween everyone was giving presents then they all got into a fight talyor aked jackson to play a song and made things better. and melissa has noticed some chemistry with taylor and jackson