Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 11

Good Luck Abby

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 24, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • Abby's back. But she's a different person than the one that left camp two weeks before.

    Starts off with us seeing how it was like for Abby out there, exploring on her own. I loved how it was done, the flashbacks and the time intervals that they used to show Abby's journey until she finally came back. I admit I kind of felt bad for her when she was out there on her own, but when she came back to camp, she was a totally different person that it was scary. You could tell that she would shake things up at the camp from that point on. I've gotta say, Tani Lynn's acting was amazing; she's one of my favorite actors on the show, but Abby is definitely not one of my favorite characters. I guess that's a sign of an amazing job done, though. :) Of course, I have to mention Jackson and Melissa at least once in my review. I felt bad for Melissa after the exchange between Jackson and Taylor, and when she confronted him about it. He claimed to be helping Taylor because he's been useless for the last few days from being sick. I felt bad for Melissa because it was HER that was taking care of him the whole time he was sick and he didn't seem to acknowledge that. I felt that the time Melissa told Jackson about being honest, it really got him thinking about what he felt, thus making me a happy, happy girl in the next episode (one breath away). lol. I think this was probably the first time where Jackson didn't now what to say. It was actually cool to see the relationships on the island kind of start forming, only to be shot down by Abby's return, where she told them that they didn't know what they were getting into and that things would get worse. Another awesome episode.. I'm giving it yet another 10. :)
  • A really great episode...

    I really liked this episode for several reasons. I loved seeing how the characters have grown since the beginning of this series, and how their relationships have grown in more ways than one. I also liked being able to see Abby's journey, and not just focusing on just the relationship struggles back at camp. I haven't watched this show in a while, so i am kind of confused about whats going on, but i think this was a really great episode. I hope to stay more informed by watching the show more because I confess I havent watched in more than a month, so after seeing this episode I really want to keep watching!
  • Abby must have had some coconuts hit head.

    She is on some thing maybe she smelled an weird plant or something. Gonna get all up in Taylor's face like that who do she think she is. I know Taylor is a mess but she didn't have to react like that. I like how Melissa showed so much jeaslous over Jackson and Taylor. Watching Abby in the wilderness was actually more enjoying that i would picture it. Not that much realitic but it is fun to watch. I mean she did say in a future episode she relied on instinks she didn't even knew she had but come on now she knew how to make that thingy for her leg was going to far.
  • Abby returns to camp a different person.

    This episode goes back to when Abby leaves to find the others. She goes and has troubles, like getting hit with rocks tumbling. At camp Lex worries about Abby and the others. Daley tells Nathan that she doesn't want a realationship on the island. Melisa tries to find out if there's something going on between Taylor and Jackson. She asked both Taylor and Jackson but neither seemed to know. Abby comes back and threatens Talor after she said things were hard at camp. She says " There about to get a lot harder."
    I liked this episode a lot bacause it had a lot of Melissa being jealous. I also liked the taylor and Jackson moments. I wonder what Taylor was gonna say before Abby came.
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