Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 16, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • This episode kept you guessing and that's why i love this show.

    Okay so it kept you guessing of rather that box was gonna exploded. Or whether Nathan is finally gonna tell Daley that he has feelings for her. Starting this new voting thing that falls a part in less than a couple of hours, which is pretty sad. Melissa and Jackson having different views of how the voting situation. Guess who wins. Jackson! Big surprize. What was in the box was really cool things from soilders they guessed. It had a note that said some things that came straight from the heart. A great way to end the show. Every body wished for something too be in the box can you guess if its real or not.
  • Eric finds an old box and everybody wonders what it holds in it.

    Eric finally did something interesting for a change as I too even wondered what was in the box. (Though my mother told me it was probably one of those boxes soldiers have or like a time capsule for soldiers.) What I enjoyed most about Groundbreaking was when everybody daydreamed about what was in the box, especially when everybody dreamed that toilet paper was in the box. Jackson dreamed of a harmonica, Daley dreamed of that big ice cream cone, Taylor dreamed of all those beauty supplies, then don't forget Melissa. She dreamed of that cute little kitten. I then liked the last part though it was a bit sad. Just to think a soldier from World War II had once lived upon that island and sadly didn't make it.