Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 7

Home Sweet Home

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 21, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • It starts with everyone getting ready to start pulling the plane to higher ground. They start and they move it a couple of inches and then Eric starts complaining (as usual). While they are moving it Nathan cuts his foot. Daley blames herself.

    I love this one! When Nathan cuts his foot Daley holds his hand while Melissa is cleaning it. But then she realises what she is doing and walks off. She starts to ignore him and he doesn't know why. But they keep working until Melissa spots Nathans bandage. It's covered with blood and they start to worry about it. Meanwhile Eric has been stealing things and storing them in an esky. Lex finds out and catches him in the process. Eric explains that he's been thinking about running off, but he din't want to tell anyone because he was afraid that Daley would call a vote keep him from going.
  • The castaways get a fresh start moving the plane to the campsite but it is not easy. Many of the things become missing, Nathan gets hurt bad and Eric confesses to Lex that he was planning to leave the group and travel across the island.

    This episode, \'Home Sweet Home\' was a great episode. It was great how everybody, well, almost everybody was helping to move the plane from the beach to the campsite, though not everybody agreed on it. It was kinda\' obvious Eric was the one all behind the disappearing things. But it was also sad when he confessed to Lex he wanted to leave the group and travel further out on the island. It was very easy to Nathan enjoyed the attention from Daley after he got hurt. This episode of Flight 29 Down was exciting, so I give it a 9.8.