Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 3

It's Lonely at the Top

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • flight 29 down

    i love this back when it was on tv now i can watch it all over again.

  • Its Daley VS. Nathan. Who wins? *****Jackson***** :D

    I love this episode because of all the drama.

    Though, I am a bit disappointed with Daley and Nathan. They are so caught up in being leader. I mean, Daley lies to everyone about her so called "food saving plan." And not only that, but she was so mean to her little brother, Lex. And Nathan. Oh, he was such a dimwit for going off on his own like that and risking his life. He's not good to anyone dead. And he never asked anyone for help. How can you trust someone who will just go off on there own and do stunts like that.

    They were both just thinking about themselvs. You can't lie to your friends and you can't do everything by youselfe. It is always good to ask for help if you know you need it. They were acting like they were on top of the world when all they wre doing was pushing everone else away.

    Now Jackson is a whole different matter. If I was on the island, I would so have picked him. He has that leader vibe that is just what they need to survive. And he does listen to what Lex has to say rather then try to do everything himself and hope it turns out OK. He has that leader look too. GO JACKSON!!! YOUR AMAZING!!! :)
  • Yeah! Jackson!

    It may be just me, but really, Jackson looks like more of a leader than anybody else on the island. (Even including the pilot) He has that serious look on his face saying he is not playing around and wants to get down to business. But, he isn't mean either. He is just shy. But anyway, it was obvious Nathan and Daley would vote for themselves. What I really didn't expect was for everyone to vote for Jackson, including Lex, Daley's brother. But, I still think they made the right choice by voting for Jackson. He was the one not trying to trick anybody into voting for him or her. Then there was how Nathan tried to climb up that huge tree, tried to get those coconuts, fell off, and just laid there, like he was asleep. Jackson and Lex found him and Jackson called Nathan crazy. Then Nathan said something about how much he'll go out for them. Ha! If they wanted food, they could go fishing or go gather fruit.
  • Jackson is voted leader.

    Daley bribes everyone's vote to be leader, while Nathan tries to fetch some coconuts cause he knows that they don't have enough food, while Melissa & Taylor fight over batteries. A great third episode, when you are stuck on an island you need to have a leader, so now it's a day bribery, sweat & tears, before the voting. I loved when Daley & Nathan made their speeches which turns in to a scream fest when everyone starts to argue, Nathan had the best points, I think he would of been great as leader, but my favorite character Jackson got it! A great episode.
  • Nathan and Daley spend the day campaigning to be leader. A leader is chosen by a secret ballot.

    It's time for the big clash. Nathan and Daley have been at it since day one. Making the camp go crazy. Jackson and the others decide to hold an election, to see who will be leader. Both go off and trying to earn votes from the others. Nathan goes alone in the jungle to find food. And Daley decides to ration the the precious food and water they have to see how long they can survive on the island. While Melissa and Jackson's relationship seems to grow. Then Nathan and Daley tell the group why they should be leader, only have a surprising ending.
  • Their own private election full of bribery and empty promises...yep, that's politics especially with come from behind wins.

    The ballot they had was a lot like a school election with two popular people going around and showing off how things would be different with them in charge. Bribery also as what Daley tried to use with giving off water even though she had deeply insisted on rationing it. Nathan also made empty promises such as more food and water after their supplies ran out and yet he came out of it all empty handed. The fact that the two of them didn't win was, in my opinion, the smart move. They both believed they had leadership qualities but they were seriously lacking them. A leader inspires loyalty from the others in the group, keeps them together and gets everyone to stop to listen when he needs to say something and consider what he says and the leader does the same thing back by listening to them and considering what they say. With that, I sort of believe we should've expected Jackson to become the leader. When the plane needed to be saved, the group wasn't even aware of the danger until he stopped their fighting and insisted they listen to Lex. Also, when Melissa got the matches wet, Jackson was the one to console her. Also, out of the group, it was Jackson who did listen to Lex about the solar recharging that he found in the plane. Finally, he was the one to break up the fighting with Melissa and Taylor and the one with Daley and Nathan. We'll see how he'll do now that the pressure is on for him to be completely responsible for leading them from then on.
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