Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 21, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • How can I get the song Paper Plane from this show? It was excellent.


    The obstacle course was really cool. I am a lot older than some of the people that watch the show. I think it is a great show because it is very clean and has good actors. I have been looking for the song Paper Plane by Persephone's Bees. Where can I find it?

  • Jackson finally crawls from out of his shell . . .

    You all know how Jackson is more of the quiet and serious one in the whole group, but finally he talks more than any episode before. Imagine, his real conversation almost leading to a real fight!!!! I know whatever Jackson did at home, he is innocent, but, seriously, it looked like they might even have a street fight. Right there --- on the island! But I liked Lex\'s idea of the Mazeathon. It looked fun and enjoyable. Lex, is a true genius. I knew it all along Jackson was going to get Nathan back some way, and when they announced Jackson and Nathan would be on opposite teams, I knew right there Nathan was going down. That was obvious.
  • words can't describe

    this show is awsome! i have never been so excided a bout mondays! i watch it every monday, friday, and saturday!, it is an awsome show! i've loved every episode of it so far! and will probibly love every other show to come! they are awsome! in this episode "mazatone" we learn a little about the struggle they are facing out there with reality, and also learn a little about jacksons background! i really hope they come out with season 2 soon! because then i'll be glued to the tv. i hope they make over 1000 episodes! i am a huge fan of flight 29 down!
  • Excellent there are hardly words

    This episode has a good meaning. Never judge something at sight because evreything is more than what it seems.
    I am hooked, I have never looked so forward for saturday morning to get back around. I am very inrrested in how this is all going to play out
    I hope flight 29 down goes far. The message is getting threw that we are all diffrent and we all have diffrences. This show tells those diffrences in a wonderfully unique and refreshing way.
    I would reccomend that anyone watch Flight 29 Down it has someting for evreyone.

    On a personal note to the cast of Flight 29 down this is a great show and you all have done a great job making it.
    Keep up the good work.
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