Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 4

Not a Drop to Drink

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 05, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids

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    First, the girl was HOT!!!!!!!! Also, I did this one time, I saw a girl like her at a party (like Melisa) coming to use the bathroom, but I closed the door to occupie it just to mess with her. I was in there for about an hour when I heard her heels tapping and she was squirming in torment. She knocked and said "Almost done, I really gotta get in there" She kept on knocking like crazy. "I really really gotta go I need to use the toilet and do my buisness ****

    I said "Just hold it in!"

    She said "I have been for over an hour, it's gotta come out now, I'm gonna pop!"

    So I turned the sink on to hurt her more, then I came out and she was crossed legged!

    This is just fiction, just a little story I made up.
  • Daley & Eric team up!

    Pretty much this episode is the aftermath of Episode 3, basically it's one big episode together cause it happens on the same day & the plot is pretty much the same, Jackson is now chosen to be leader, will he own up to it? And I like how in the end he finally did with Melissa's advice which leaves a hint that Melissa likes Jackson. But anyways the A plot is more interesting because the most unlikely characters team up, Eric & Daley, well by bribery but they made a good team & they found a water source while poor Nathan only had a cup. Anyways a great episode.
  • Everybody goes in search of more water when numerous water bottles are stolen.

    This episode, like a lot of other Flight 29 Down episodes, was very enjoyable because it was like everybody was working together. I like when they do that. Daley was exploring for water and discovered a water source from underground, along with Eric, but he didn\\\'t do much. Then Nathan, he was okay. At least he was trying to get water with all these scientific ways. But it wasn\\\'t much water. This episode was one of the many Flight 29 Down episodes that had the moral, \\\'Teamwork is very important\\\'. But, what else can I say? This episode rocked!! End of story.
  • Jackson has been chosen as leader, but h refuses it. Meanwhile, Daley and Eric search for fresh water to drink. Nathan tries to create a device that will gather water from the air.

    Six bottles of water have been stolen from the camps small supplie. This episode is full of blackmail, bribery, and hope. Turns out Eric stole the water because of Daley's bribery in the last episode. So now Daley and Eric fearing what the others will do if they find out.Areforced to work together. Meanwhile Nathan who is aware of this problem decides to make a device that sucks water out of the air. While the hunt for water is going on Melissa tries to get Jackson to take up his spot as leader. In the end Jackson takes up his spot bring the group closer.