Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 12

One Breath Away

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 03, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • Wow, Abby changed a lot.

    the episode starts with Abby coming back to the camp. Right away she starts to criticizes the group and say that they had it easy (which we all know is so not true). She them proceeds to try to manipulate everyone into thinking that being stuck on the island is a reason to do what ever it takes to survive regardless of anyone eles. he used to be so nice to everyone, now she has become so hard and distant. Everyone tries to make her feel like home but she thinks that they are just prolonging the inevitable.

    She has a talk with Melissa, but that doesn't help. Then,when the find a chicken, Abby is all up for killing it. Her attitude has caused a lot of people to second guess what they should be doing. Eric is just being his normal self, Nathan and Daley don't know what to do so they simply tell her how things go there, and Malissa, Jackson, and Taylor are afraid for her.

    She causes a lot of tension. She has really changed into a person of which no one wanted to see. But now that she has given the group another incite on how you should survive, what will the group decide to do? I really love this episode. Though, I miss the old Abby. Too bad she turned into a crazy wild girl. :'(
  • We got to know the real Abby. But did we really want to.

    Abby comes back from her 2nd time from the wilderness. Will she ever learn. Almost died again out there by herself. Daley finally let Nathan know how shes really feeling. Then they just end up friends because Daley would be to scared to be a couple when theres always a chance for dieing. Abby thinks that the others think that there still on some little trip. Not worrying about the improtant things which is trying to find a way to get back home. Melissa is still into Jackson and weird to find out so is Taylor. Everyone wants to know if hes gonna pick one of them. We might find on the movie that is coming soon.
  • Abby causes more trouble for the group.

    Who knew a chicken would cause this much drama? Doesn't matter, because it's so much more deeper than that. The decision on whether to kill the chicken, to save it, or steal it really showed the group how much they didn't trust each other anymore. Abby came back and insisted on killing the chicken. She continues criticizing how the group lives and tells them that they're only one breath away from disaster. She pretty much pushed the others' thoughts of their fate on the island, splitting them up in the end. I think Abby's conversation with Melissa was pivotal because they understood where the other was coming from and they both took it into account. Maybe it was the talk that Abby had with Melissa that made her decide to leave, too? Or maybe it was Jackson? Another reason I really loved this episode was because we finally got a little sense of how Jackson feels about Melissa. He told her that he does in fact have feelings back for her, and that she is his best friend there, and the one who gives him security while on that island. It was another intense episode and totally worth a 10/10.
  • Abby returns & causes trouble at the island...

    When Lex finds a chicken, turbulations go around the island, especially when a changed Abby wants to kill & is rude to everyone especially Daley, now they all have to make a decision kill or keep the chicken, which causes tension & some serious drama, behind the serious drama the triangle between Jackson, Melissa & Taylor continues, I like how Jackson confesses his feelings for Melissa while he reveals some feelings for Taylor which causes more tension, I also like the little lecture Jackson gives in this episode. A very interesting pre-season finale episode. A very great & dramatic episode that is definitely nerve-wracking.
  • Abby has changed a lot.

    This takes place after Abby comes back to camp. She acts all mean and drives everyone crazy. Lex finds a chicken that's injured and he wants to take care of it. Abby and Eric both want to kill and eat it.Daley talks about voting over who wants to eat and Abby laughs because she says it sounds like debate club. Jackson STILL can't decide wether he likes Taylor or not. Abby decides she can't take it anymore so she takes a knife and goes to kill the chicken. Everyone talks her out of it so she hands the knife to Daley. There are some things I don't like about this episode: Why does it take so long to vote? It drives me insane how Jackson keeps sayong "I don't know what's going on between us.' Sure you don't.
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