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  • It's like a cheap lost! Without the great plot line that makes it worth watching! I'm reallt giving this a 0.0

    Let's see, were to start. Yes, the plane crashed am I right. Last time I checked crashes BAD! Crashes make the engine of the plane fail, yet how to they listen to radio? How do they have a complex system of wires running threw the island, and they can't even call the coast guard? Kids can be stupid, but not this stupid!
    So why did I watch this show in the first place? It's simple, it was a show I've never seen before, it looked like it was like Lost, and I can't handed all the blood that the show has, and the in one show, putting fire on an open cut.
    But it's not anything like lost, Lost is good! This just is embarrassing to watch.

    The next thing is the "flashbacks". There one every five minutes or less of something we just saw! The plane, a coconut, a pair of sandals. Wow. I just saw them!Hey Lost has flashbacks,ones that we never saw! You know, ones that gose deap into there lives! That show why the make there decisions, these are just stupid! What do they thing we are stupid? Well, I guess they are onto something, if you watch this show and like it, you must be pretty stupid.
    ANYWAY. One *little* kid is the smartest person on the island, that's pretty embarrassing wouldn't you think? I'm just saying.

    Another thing, why the dell computer would KIDS be "driving" an AIRPLANE! Last time I checked there was an age and certain ability level you must reach first! But, I guess that the show producers would thin we're just little kids and to stupid to realize it. Not happening!Another thing a dederted island! Wow, doesn't that sound like lost, AGAIN! They really can't think of anything in the bounds of reality and that is not copying lost.Wow! I but before long there's going to be an wild animal on the loose, and a whole other side of the island with other people! There might even be a bomb!

    Before you have you noticed there acting like it was a TRUE STORY? They have a little video record thing that you know, records everything.Talking like it's really happening. Acting like there never going to see the light of another day again!Those dumb little DAY 1 -morning DAY 2 - night DAY109289 - The middle os the sea at hlf past noon.

    Do you get it yet? This is just a cheap version of lost. And I thought Lost was copyrighted! I wonder, how long will it be before this is sued! Ha ha! I can't wait!

    I give it, 0.0! I hope this will get off the air! Oh yeah, for you n00b supporters, feel free to send me hate mail. I love it!
  • It's no Lost but...

    It's not Lost but you gotta hand it to the creators of Flight 29 Down. They copied alot of Lost's good story telling elements and toned it down just to the right level for younger audiences to enjoy and learn. I'm a little older than the audience this show was designed for and Lost happens to be my addicted drug, but this show is quite impressive. The teen stereotypes are not so spiteful as they are in other teen shows. Some are funny, others are annoying, but for some reason I still seem to enjoy watching all the characters. I like the setup of the video diary. The show's educational purpose (as it is a Saturday morning program) is to teach kids about the basic elements of outdoor survival and more importantly, the necessity of working together as a team. And with a group like this one, working together becomes a tough but interesting challenge. Keep this show going, I got high hopes for it.
  • Jackson(johnny pacar) is the hottest character on the show he keeps everyone together.

    Johnny Pacar (Jackson) keeps everyone together on flight 29 down. He is the most cooperative of the group and goes along with whatever everyone says.He is the most charming of the set, and adventurous. He finds himself in a criss cross relationship between melissa and Taylor.But I think he liked Taylor more... I hope they have a renunion of the show sometime, and release some more behind the scenes info on the show on dvd.By the way to the folks @DK I would like to know some more information on the set of flight 29 down and its choice of location for the original show.What made you all chose the "island". By the way are you all planning on having another season ??
  • Teens on a school vacation, then suddenly there is a plane crash and they are on a deserted tropical island. The group splits up, but the show is mostly made up of 7 characters. There is hate, love, reality, and the importance of sticking together.

    I instantly got addicted to this show. Sure, it is sorta like lost, but if you missed a second, you understood it. Sure there were a couple "I don't get it" episodes, but it all made sense in the end. The show was not surrounded by love, but love got its few moments, and they were sweet. There was jelousy, which made me want to watch more and more. You had your stereotypes, and the mysterious one, which got you hooked. There were natural disasters, and human made disasters, and the thought soon hits them that they may be there for a long time. Near the end episode, the groups split up, and there are fights. The people sometimes wanna make you punch the character in the face, but you love them anyway. I would love to tell you all the whole story, but then there would be nothing for you to watch. Enjoy, you'll love it!
  • a plane crashes on an uninhabited island... same general idea as lost only geared to a younger age level.

    The show's main theme is much like that of "lord of the flies" in that their main struggle is to work together to survive, reflecting the theories of john lock's "natural laws". while the basic principles of the show are intriguing, the plot was too centered on relationships and minor altercations. The story line could have been improved by adding a source of major conflict in the group and cutting the sappy "i wonder if he likes me" crap. in a real life scenario they would focus on the every day stuff like survival and rescue rather than dating. personaly i think that far too little credit is given to the teenage generation's ability to set aside popularity, fashion, and dating.
  • A group of teenagers was on a airplane and the airplane crashed and the teenagers have to find some ways to live and during the season they find more people that was on the airplane.

    In this show there are a bunch of Teens and they find ways to live but they figure out that it is hard to live on a island by themselves and they have to get along with each other to survive but it ain't that easy to get along with each other. But the show is really great but there isn't that much episodes in the series. And also all those things that they find or bring can't help you live. So really I rate this series 9.4 outta 10. I think alot of people would enjoy the series so they should see it.
  • A group of students embark upon an eco-adventure camping trip in Micronesia. But when their charter plane suddenly crashes during a tropical storm and flies off a cliff, the young students find themselves on a deserted island.

    I loved this series so much and was sad to see it end so soon but I guess it had to end sooner or later. To anyone who look like they are interested in seeing the series then I suggest you try Discovery Channel for kids or Discovery Kid Channel website for the episodes if you can not find the series at anytime. I am so glad I was able to see the series when I could because I had to watch the rest of the episodes on YouTube before the finale episodes, which were turn into a movie somewhat. I hope you enjoy the series liked I did.
  • Some people might say this is a Lost ripoff, and even if it is-I IGNORE THEM. Flight 29 Down is a way better show.

    Ok, I'm not sure where these group of high school students are going, because on the Tv.com summary it says Micronesia, but in the book-it said Palau, so.. I'm just going to be clueless about that for now.

    Ok, these group of high school students raise enough money to go on a student field trip to Palau/Micronesia. The group is Jackson, Melissa, Nathan, Daley, Taylor, Eric, Lex, Abby, Dory, and Ian. Then you have the pilot... Well, a storm comes about and the plane crashes on an unknown island in the Pacific. The seven main characters, Jackson, Melissa, Nathan, Daley, Lex, Taylor and Eric deny to let the pilot, Ian, Dory, and Abby go on their own to find civilization. Well actually, the seven do not include Taylor and Eric because at first, they think this is all a vacation.

    Well the group of four do not return. All but Abby, but we'll get to her later.

    Jackson is the mysterious boy that some people, are kind of scared of. He's actually a nice person-my favorite character-a good leader. But he's gotten into some "trouble". It really wasn't him, but it has affected his whole life.

    Melissa-my second favorite character-and the girl who likes Jackson, is really friendly. Friendliest character on the show in my opinion. She can be kind of shy sometimes and gets embarassed a lot, thanks to Taylor-who in an episode called "Survival of the Fittest", releases her secret about liking Jackson to all the students. Ugh, I hated Taylor. Taylor Hagan is Nathan's former boyfriend. She annoyed me throughout the show, all when I felt for her when Daley kept giving her a hard time about never working. But then she improved, thanks to Jackson who she then discovered might have a little crush on. Some people thought they would end up together, but if you were me-you were smart enough to detect the true couples.

    Nathan kind of has an ego, and believes he can do anything anyone else can do. And each and every day, he thinks no one thinks he can do something big, and tries to prove he can do it. Show off, is one word to describe him. Kind of like Daley, some one I really didn't like throughout the show, so I won't talk about her. They ended up together.

    Eric was like the most laziest thing you'll ever know. The only thing good he did was that he fixed the liter and he got some kind of monster out of their tent. Lex is Daley's brother, the smartest on the island. If they ever did a democratic thing, he would be vice president to Jackson. 8) He was never that funny, but always smart and knew how to solve tough situations.

    Okay, Abby was the main character that left the group. She came back in an episode midway through the first season, then left again in the next. Then in the second season, she came back as well-as a meanie though. Ian breaks his leg or arm w/e and Dory.. eh, nothing about her. The pilot goes crazy and soon the group is rescued in the 27th episode, called The Hotel Tango. You can tell I kind of skipped some parts 'cause I'm tired of writing.. This is 545 words now lol.
  • This show is so great.

    I love this show so much it's one of my personal faves. I've been a fan of the show since it came out in 2005. I've watched almost every epsiode but I missed some of the episode of the last season. This show is like the kid/teen version of Lost. And it's very imformative in case a kid is in a situation like this. This show is the only reason why I even started to watch Discovery Kids in the first place. It's so fun and enetertaining even to watch the reruns all over again. This show is a Discovery Kids classic and will always be a classic.
  • Kids are stuck on an Island.

    I started watching this show with my 8 year old cousin, but she got me hooked. The premise is a little ridiculous and the characters are a little ridiculous, but something about this show is kind of addictive.
    Daley is great as the control freak leader who cannot relax and takes life a little too seriously. Nathan (played by the corn ball Corbin Bleu) is an over acheiver who can never win. Taylor is the typical shallow girl who brings a lot of comedy and a sense of reality to the show. Eric's character is the goof ball who makes really selfish decisions. Melissa is the nice and shy asian who wants everybody to be happy. Jackson is the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who just wants to be left alone. And Lex is the voice of reason as the nine year old stuck with a bunch of teenagers. The drama that unfolds among these teenagers is really hilarious and I'm always a little ashamed to be watching the show, but it's fun to watch and bring me back to my childhood. A great kids show.
  • A great survival show for kids.

    I like how the people who came up with this show put teens on a plane that crashes.It's not like the other books or movies because it only has teens that are smart and need to work together to survive.Jackson is a great chacter along with the whole gang but is my favorite because he doesn't like to talk about his past and what he did a long time ago and I think that's a pretty cool dude.I also like when they get in arugements because when they do they learn from thier past wistakes.The title was a great idea for the show because it makes you want to watch it and see what it is about.(Well that's how I started watching it.)
  • nobody knows i watch it cuz its stupid

    i like this show and like why did it have to end???? what was it only like two seasons??ok i mean seriously corbin blue was a complete idiot on the show!!! i think it got bad reviews from a critic or something like that wait i think oh yea thats what happened i saw it on the news (dkidsnews) that it was cancelling sooooooo....you know the usual "oh crap its cancelled" and im over it like a two inch bridge so anyway flight 29 down was a good show but it wasn't in my faves list at home inside the tv
  • Love it!!!

    I love everything about this series, except Melissa! My favorite charactors are Jackson, Taylor, Eric, Lex, and Nathan. Dayley is alright but she is waaaaay to bossy.Melissa is just ANNOYING! Melissa is sooooo stupid! Jackon makes a GREAT leader, Taylor and Eric are HILARIOUS! Lex is super smart even though he is like ten and everybody else is sixteen. It is an excellent show, even if some of the charactors are annoying (cough) melissa (cough). But the only thing is that it didn't last very long at all, it was kind of sad the way it ended. Long live Flight 29 Down!
  • A show about teens crashing on a deserted island and learning how to survive and how to deal with personal problems and relationships.

    I think its the best show ever made!! In my opinion it has every great aspect that a show for kids,teens, and adults need! Between the relationships, personal problems, learning how to survive it has everything a show needs. It has romance, drama, comedy, and adventure. I think it is great and needs to be brought back and make a spin- off. I think its great and everyone can relate to this show. I think that everyone can enjoy this show! Its the best show out there! I think once you watch it you will be hooked on it forever. Its a must watch, bring back, awesome show!
  • this is almost a carbon copy of lost

    honestly it is completely unorigional, it is like lost but without most of the violence and love(sex) scenes, it could be classified as lost for kids except much more lame and with the wrong actors, unless lost is too M rated for you there is no reason to watch this show and im not saying anything bad about fans of f29d idont like the name either.

    but if you are too dim witted too see the similarities here they are:

    lost: group of people on flight (with varios background ties) fly from aus to la but some phenomenon causes them to crashon a strange island

    f29d:group of kids on school trip's plane crashes on island somewhere they are very similar and only one need be watched l ooo sss ttt l o o s t lll ooo sss t
  • This is a fantastic show that puts a twist on survival-by deserting teens our age!

    I love this show! It's VERY interesting and I recomend it to people ages 13-100! You should TOTALLY watch this show! It's the best! Turn on Discovery Kids at 8PM and WATCH! Buy the DVD's, check out the website! It is the BEST survival television show on earth! The first time you watch it you will fall completely in love with it! At first I thought it would be dumb and boring but when I watched it-I fell in love with the show! The cast is amazing, they represent teens of all personalities and life styles! Watch it-and you'll be glad you did!
  • This one is nice .

    So this is again new children serial in my country.
    I like it ,but when it was first serial i was thinking thats boring serial but now i watch it all the time when its on TV.
    I like it lot there are action and i think that smal lboy there is nice who makes new thing there.
    That they tried to found water was nice...
    And that seral really rocks so thats why i give 10/10
    Go on and save them in the island ;D
    Go on and save them in the island ;D
    Go on and save them in the island ;D
    Thats all i like it.
  • Eh...

    I did not like the ending. At all. I didn't want them rescued as much as they wanted to go home, common sense, it would end the series. I thought the ending was a last second thing but it did keep me on the edge of my seat chewing on my mom's blanket until she walked it the room. I was disappointed with the loony captin but I learned who my favorite character is. Jackson really comes out of his little shell which I thought played a big part in this. I really liked the show but the ending was genrally disappointing. I want another season. Can't they get lost in the woods. PS
    love the chicken lol
  • An amazaing show.

    i loved this show so much. i would watch it every friday. during the week i would talk about it non-stop with my friend. i loved the love triangle between Melissa, Jackson, and Taylor. but it seemed like Jackson only went with melissa because of the video incident. abby just ruined everything when she came back. she shouldn't have left in the first place. i hated her. Nathan seemed so weird when daley kissed him on the cheek. the movie was like OMG! i couldn't believe lex when he blamed daley. captain russle was crazy. but eric was stupid. i can't believe eric would leave the fire starter in the boat. but it is a corbin bleu's fault the show got canceled. because he was too busy doing high school musical. >:[. but it's ok i still love him.

    they should have a spin-off series called survivors of 29 DWN.
    it should show what happened to them after.
  • That show is dumb because there stranded on an island,and I saw like 5 minutes of flight 29 down and is stupid.

    a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

    This show is the most amazing adventure adult/teen/kid show I have ever seen. Its not not a rip off of Lost people who say that are just dumb and need to get a club!!

    this is my favorite show ever. I am probly its 1# fan! I love this show. The acting of everyone is amazing and in real life they are amazing as well. I love the Melissa and Jackson characters they are my favorites. And the cool part is they like each other :) in the show and maybe even real life. I love this show and it will always be my favorite show. Nothing can replace this from my life! A Must must show to watch it you wont be sorry.
  • This show is amazing!

    I personally like this show because it's a good influence and the characters each have a distinct personality that makes them unique. I also love the romance between Jackson and Melissa, and the love triangle that is on the show. If only they had filmed a third season. This show is educational, and the situations are what every teen faces (If they get stuck on an island of course!) The actors are amazing, and they all go through several changes in the end.
    They stick together and to me it's like two worlds crashing together. Overall this show gets a 10!
  • just joking HATE IT

    I H A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A TE IT
  • Flight 29 down is about 11 people who's plane crashes on a island. 10 of them were kids on there to a camping trip on an island called palau. the pilot and 3 of the kids went to find the other side of the island. The 7 are left to fend for themselves.

    I loved that show!!!!!!!!!!! I know they would be found sooner or later but later would have been better! I know this sounds crazy but i wish they would make a spin-off series of it with the same characters, it could take place at there school or something. all the actors/atresses are so talented so i hope we see them in other movies and stuff especially Johnny/Jackson he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyones seen Corbin in HSM, HSM 2, Jump in,ect.... but what about the rest of them?and that kid Allen/Lex he's adorable!They need to make a spin-off series before i go nut's!
  • wow

    The show centers around 11 stranded people. Their small airplane, on its way to a tropical jungle for a school trip, crashes onto an uncharted island. Miraculoisly, all of the people on the plane survive. A few episodes into the show 4 of the stranded people go to explore the island. Only one will ever be seen again. So the story stays with seven plane-wrecked teenagers. Lex, Daley, Nathan, Melissa, Jackson, Eric, and Taylor. Thousand of miles away from home and possibly hundreds of miles from civilization the teenagers must survive. They must live off the island and try to keep sane. They must choose between wether they want to wait it out and hope rescue comes, or find their way through miles off open water.
  • Flight 29 Down is a show about 10 kids that were traveling to Palau for a school trip,what they didn't know was that their plane was going to crash on a deserted island. The show focuses on 7 of the kids that tries to survive on this unexpected adventure.

    I'm the kind of person that does not like to watch re-runs of television shows, with the exception of FLIGHT 29 DOWN. I love the excitement and humor in the show that makes me want to watch the show over, and over again. The storyline makes the show fun to watch for all ages, and some of the situations are easy to relate to.The characters also make the show very fun to watch.If I had to watch one show for the rest of my life, it waould definetly be Flight 29 Down. I am completely obsessed about this awesome television show.
  • The storyline talks about a few teens who crash from a plane and are stuck on an island. While, they argue there ways, they still need to work as team if they need to survive on the island. This epic journey, stars High School Musical & Jump In's Corbin B

    I thought this was good beginning, you know I have a lot of favorite shows and I'll say this one of them. The summary is very good aswell: The storyline talks about a few teens who crash from a plane and are stuck on an island. While, they argue there ways, they still need to work as team if they need to survive on the island. This epic journey, stars High School Musical & Jump In's Corbin B. I'd even want to be in this show sometime. It's always fun, to be stuck on a island & find your ways trough.
  • I love this show because it shows how the 7 kids try to survive on the island. I also love this show because it shows how all of the kids are there for each other. Like for instance, when they found Abby on day 8. How they took care of her.

    Flight 29 down is about 7 kids: Lex, Nathan, Daley, Eric, Jackson, Taylor and Melissa who survived a plane crash and have been stranded for over 15 days. They count on each other to survive and when they need each other, they are always there for them. Like for instance when they had all those injuries, there was always someone there to help. For instance, when Nathan fell out of the same tree twice, when he gets trapped under the plane, gets a cut by the log while attempting to move the plane. Jackson collasped after drinking unsafe water. Eric almost died after eating oysters and finding out that he's highly allergic. Melissa slid down a cliff and survived. Abby almost died from dehydration. Daley got attacked by leeches. Taylor had something stuck in her foot the day of the monsoon. Lex is the only person who didn't have anything bad happen to him.
  • Eleven people get stranded on a deserted island when their plane crashes in a storm.

    Getting stranded on a deserted island is getting so old now. But Flight 29 Down takes this idea, and kinda makes some adjustments and makes it more original. Some people think its a spinoff of Lost . . when Flight 29 Down was created first! Come on! This is ridiculous. But anyway, eleven people get stranded when their plane gets caught in a storm and crashes on a deserted island. These eleven people include a pilot, a girl named Abby who is only in five episodes of the show. There are two other kids but never speak in this show. These four went to look for civilization, which is a good idea in some ways and bad idea in some other ways. The other characters are Nathan, who is usually determined at everything, but ends out failing or quitting. Daley, the rat, thinks she is the boss of everybody, while her poor brother, Lex, six years younger than her, is actually smarter than Daley! There is Melissa the nice, sweet girl, who is unsure of herself sometimes. Taylor is a spoiled brat and with along with the lazy snob, Eric, thinks this as a party, not a struggle to stay alive. Then Jackson, the mystery person who was just a new kid in high school, who has some pretty bad records on his 'police file' but he really doesn't cause any harm, he is actually the better leader out of all of them. As for relationships, Daley and Nathan, after Daley won a surprising School President Election over Nathan by ten votes. Now, I for myself am a Jackson/Melissa fan, but others are Jackson/Taylor fans. It better end up being Jackson and Melissa together.
  • "Flight 29 Down" is a television series about ten kids stuck on a deserted island after their charter plane crashes. When the captain and three other kids search for help, The seven remaining children must now fend for themselves until rescue comes.......

    "Flight 29 Down" is truly an awesome show.

    Many live-action children shows are primarily comedies, But "Flight 29 Down" is driven on a dramatic element with a few comedic moments here and there.

    The cast in this series have a great chemistry and the storylines continue on in serial form, which is rare for a children's series. The creators and executive producers of the series, Stan Rogow ("Lizzie McGuire") and D.J. MacHale do a great job as well, Especially MacHale who has written every episode of the series so far.

    All in all, "Flight 29 Down" is a great series, which deserves more exposure.
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