Flight 29 Down

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2007)


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  • It's no Lost but...

    It's not Lost but you gotta hand it to the creators of Flight 29 Down. They copied alot of Lost's good story telling elements and toned it down just to the right level for younger audiences to enjoy and learn. I'm a little older than the audience this show was designed for and Lost happens to be my addicted drug, but this show is quite impressive. The teen stereotypes are not so spiteful as they are in other teen shows. Some are funny, others are annoying, but for some reason I still seem to enjoy watching all the characters. I like the setup of the video diary. The show's educational purpose (as it is a Saturday morning program) is to teach kids about the basic elements of outdoor survival and more importantly, the necessity of working together as a team. And with a group like this one, working together becomes a tough but interesting challenge. Keep this show going, I got high hopes for it.