Flight 29 Down

Discovery Channel Kids (ended 2007)


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  • It's like a cheap lost! Without the great plot line that makes it worth watching! I'm reallt giving this a 0.0

    Let's see, were to start. Yes, the plane crashed am I right. Last time I checked crashes BAD! Crashes make the engine of the plane fail, yet how to they listen to radio? How do they have a complex system of wires running threw the island, and they can't even call the coast guard? Kids can be stupid, but not this stupid!
    So why did I watch this show in the first place? It's simple, it was a show I've never seen before, it looked like it was like Lost, and I can't handed all the blood that the show has, and the in one show, putting fire on an open cut.
    But it's not anything like lost, Lost is good! This just is embarrassing to watch.

    The next thing is the "flashbacks". There one every five minutes or less of something we just saw! The plane, a coconut, a pair of sandals. Wow. I just saw them!Hey Lost has flashbacks,ones that we never saw! You know, ones that gose deap into there lives! That show why the make there decisions, these are just stupid! What do they thing we are stupid? Well, I guess they are onto something, if you watch this show and like it, you must be pretty stupid.
    ANYWAY. One *little* kid is the smartest person on the island, that's pretty embarrassing wouldn't you think? I'm just saying.

    Another thing, why the dell computer would KIDS be "driving" an AIRPLANE! Last time I checked there was an age and certain ability level you must reach first! But, I guess that the show producers would thin we're just little kids and to stupid to realize it. Not happening!Another thing a dederted island! Wow, doesn't that sound like lost, AGAIN! They really can't think of anything in the bounds of reality and that is not copying lost.Wow! I but before long there's going to be an wild animal on the loose, and a whole other side of the island with other people! There might even be a bomb!

    Before you have you noticed there acting like it was a TRUE STORY? They have a little video record thing that you know, records everything.Talking like it's really happening. Acting like there never going to see the light of another day again!Those dumb little DAY 1 -morning DAY 2 - night DAY109289 - The middle os the sea at hlf past noon.

    Do you get it yet? This is just a cheap version of lost. And I thought Lost was copyrighted! I wonder, how long will it be before this is sued! Ha ha! I can't wait!

    I give it, 0.0! I hope this will get off the air! Oh yeah, for you n00b supporters, feel free to send me hate mail. I love it!
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