Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 18, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids
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Jackson ends up leaving the survivors after a shocking secret about him is revealed, and he decides to travel across the island on his own. However, what he does not know is that a giant monsoon is coming to the island.

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  • One of the best season finales I've ever seen on tv. It was everything from funny, to intense, sad, and yes, even romantic. *spoilers ahead, but i'm sure everyone's seen this epp already. ;) i just have so much to say about it because i love it so much*moreless

    Takes place after Eric reveals that it's Jackson who has a frightening secret in their video diary. So, this was the season finale, and it DEFINITELY didn't disappoint. Right from the beginning, the episode was dramatic. Jackson took a risk and insisted that Lex get the tape for everybody to watch, just so everybody would stop worrying and speculating about it. It was great to see that Melissa was the only one who refused to watch the tape; she even stopped them before they could watch anymore. It showed that she really does care about Jackson and respected his privacy. Everyone, right after watching the tape, was asking 'what do we do?' But Melissa was willing to let him explain. Too bad he left. You could tell from that point on that him leaving would affect Melissa the most. While this episode was totally Jackson-centric, which I can't really complain about because.. well he's JACKSON; who doesn't love him? -- and even focuses on the whole Jackson/Melissa relationship, there were moments where the other castaways shone. First off, Eric. It showed that even though they've been on the island for more than 10 days, you can't trust the boy. It seems that even if you did something to help him, he'd appreciate it for maybe a day or two, then go right back to being a rat. But it also showed how vulnerable he was when he got lost. I honestly pitied the boy. Jackson found him and was convinced by Eric to head back. Then there was Nathan. I was so glad he told off Eric like that. And in the storm, how he took it upon himself to try and get the radio back up, even with dismal results, and him almost getting fried. Even though Daley wanted to go help Nathan and Melissa look for Jackson, she stayed back with Taylor to take care of the stinger or whatever in her foot. She doesn't really like Taylor, but the girl needed help and she was willing to take on the task. She also saved Nathan from getting hurt. Lex FINALLY got a signal -- the boy really is a genius, but it was just bad timing that he missed it. Taylor was freaking out about getting the signal back in the storm, but in the end after finding out Nathan almost got hurt, it was good to see that she had his best interests at heart. Now the good part. lol. Eric finally brings Jackson back to camp.. so he says, but it was Jackson who brought him back. Almost right away, Melissa asked Eric where Jackson was and she ran right out after him. The most intense part, Jackson tells Melissa what happened; the story behind his secret. It was awesome to see another side of Jackson. That maybe he wasn't as tough as he's made out to be. He was vulnerable and emotional in this episode and Johnny Pacar's acting was truly spectacular. Yeah.. I was crying my eyes out at this whole scene. And when Melissa hugged Jackson, and Jackson hugged her back... oh man. Fell to pieces. This one was probably one of my top fave Jackson/Melissa moments for sure. He opened up to her and she was there to comfort him and convince him to stay. These two always seem to save each other's butt, so you could totally tell that maybe they'd have something going on in the future. But back to the hug. Oh the hug. SUCH a good moment -- so much emotion, especially with Jackson at that point. It was like he was clinging to Melissa to be saved or something. The others come out and say their little piece about why Jackson shouldn't leave and they all get out of the storm.

    They wake up to the storm being over, but their camp completely trashed. Now they have to start all over. As if the previous events weren't bad enough.

    It sets up so much more drama in later episodes, trying to renew the camp and whatnot, which is GREAT for a season finale. So 10/10, no doubt.moreless
  • The survivors found out about Jackson's secret, and he explained it to Melissa, which was a very emotional moment.

    Scratch, the best episode in season 1 of Flight 29 Down.

    It was a really emotional episode, I even stardted crying. I love how Melissa supported Jackson when everyone accused him of being misterious and dangerous. I mean, the secret of Jackson's life was already known! that was the momemt I (and i bet a lot of fans out there) was waiting to happen!! Jackson and Melissa looked soooo cute, and I just couldn't stop my tears coming of my eyes when Jackson told Melissa what happened.. his story was really sad :( Anyway, this was the best episode from season 1 because it let us know how are the survivors trying to live together. I JUST LOVED SCRATCHmoreless
  • Why are all series/season finales so emotional!?!

    Usually, the series finales are emotional, but this time, a season finale is very emotional too. I could punch Eric after this episode. He jsut had to reveal Jackson's secret about being in the Foster Home and such. He is such and idiot! Then Jackson ran off, and what made the episode more of a painful episode to watch was the storm added to it. At the end, when Jackson actually cries while admitting all of his life to Melissa, and then they hugged. I was taking a swim in my own tears! I was so happy yet so sad! I think you get my point. This episode was awesome. The Nathan/Daley love triangle was also kinda cute in this episode, but seeing Jackson hugging Melissa was the real exciting part of the episode.moreless
  • The group finds out that Lex took the video diaries to protect Jackson's secret. And when Eric reviels the secret, Jackson sets off across the island on his own.

    I love this episode! Jackson's secret was unexpected, and it really made me love Jackson even more. He just seems like the most down to earth character, and that's proven in this episode. Plus, this episode is perfect for the Melissa and Jackson fans, like me. This episode also has my favorite scene from any Flight 29 Down episode: The scene where Jackson comes back to camp and he and Melissa are talking. That scene is amazing, and the first time I saw it, it made me cry. Basically, this episode is the best Flight 29 Down episode ever, and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to.moreless
  • Jackson decides to travel across the island alone when a secret about him is revealed; A big storm hits the island and washes their campsite, and plane, out.

    This was a very exciting episode. I always wondered when there was going to be a storm hitting the island. I knew it would be sometime. And, I now realize putting it as a season finale makes it more exciting, for some reason. Really, I think, Jackson should be innocent. Just because he was at the crime didn't mean he was the murderer or anything. But I think it was nice, how he told Melissa first. In fact, after I mentioned that, Melissa seems to be the curious one. So I guess it was worth it. When I pressed the 'Info' button and saw the episode title of 'Scratch', I didn't know what that meant until I heard the last word of the season.

    Taylor : "So what do we do now?"

    Jackson : "We start from scratch"

    I think this was a wonderful season finale. Keep up the good work, directors!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Lex uses a homemade radio to make contact with another plane right before the storm. However, when the plane is washed away so is the radio.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Taylor: Am I gonna, like, swell up and die?
      Daley: Hopefully.
      Taylor: What?

    • Eric: I'm lost and I'm scared!

    • (It's raining)
      Melissa: Jackson! Hey stop what re you thinking there's a monsoon!
      Jackson: So I won't last I've got to try and find the others.
      Melissa: Listen to me whatever happened back home doesn't matter.
      Jackson: Yes it does. Don't you see where I like it or not it follows me. You want to know what happened. I went home back to my old neighborhood. To tell them about this amazing adventure to the south seas I was going on. And ya, ya I was bragging. Ya know I just wanted them to know that I was doing something worth-while for a change.
      Melissa: What's wrong with that?
      Jackson: They said that I'd changed. That I was rubbing it in their faces that suddenly I was better than them. I thought I was talking to people who actually cared.
      Melissa: So what happened?
      Jackson: One guy stood up to me... One guy, he got shoved and a fight broke out. I tried to break it up but someone pulled a knife and he got hurt. Strike three.
      Melissa: Was he ok?
      Jackson: Ya, but now the cops are after me.
      Melissa: But if it wasn't your fault...
      Jackson: Doesn't matter, I was there, I wasn't supposed to be and someone got hurt. Strike three. Where am I supposed to go now?
      (Melissa hugs Jackson)
      Melissa: You're already there, without you we'd be lost.

    • Taylor: Well, what do we do?
      Jackson: We start from scratch.

    • Daley: Can you feel the electricity in the air?
      Taylor: No, but I can feel this harpoon in my foot.

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