Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 13

See Ya

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 10, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • It could only have lasted so long. The group finally splits up, one to keep watch on the beach, the other to explore the island.

    Call me a sucker for all season finales because of the flashbacks. It was really touching to see flashbacks of Season 2 AND Season 1 chronicling the journey so far for the F29D-ers. It was great to see everyone slowly cracking, like they should be (I mean, it's all been a little Utopia so far, hasn't it, no real conflicts). Nathan and Eric fighting and the tension between Daley and Abby really surfacing. My favorite part was when Jackson finally admitted to wanting something more than what was being offered with Daley and the others on the beach. As the two groups separated, it was good to see the actors portraying the pain at separation that they all felt. A great conclusion to a great season with Jackson's final lines "I'll see ya soon, and if not, see ya later."
  • Tensions mount in the group, and some decide to separate.

    Another great episode... it was really emotional by the end. Nobody trusted each other anymore. As much we all dislike Abby, she had some good points; good enough to get Eric, Jackson, and Melissa to go along with her and look for the others. The ending was especially emotional, when Abby and Eric announced they were leaving, then Jackson stepped in. From that point on, everybody's emotions were freely out there. All in all, it was very shocking -- I didn't expect the group to let Abby split them up. True, some of them have been thinking about it for a while already, but if Abby hadn't come along, would they have gone? This episode really makes me eager to see the movie -- the group that left don't exactly all get along. Hopefully Melissa will be able to hold them together. Probably the most moving episode of the whole show.. so I gotta give it a 10. (:
  • abby has really changed and is now going back into the forest to find ian, jory and the captin but this time she is taking eric,jacson and mellisa with her......

    ...ooooooooo anyways this was one of my all time favourite episodes when i saw that abby had come back i really didnt ecspect for her to be that mean(ish) i ecspected her to be like she was before but i guess anyone who goes throught that much pain, torture and life threatining situations is bound to change i mean i would but not that way. i love how the writers didnt make the chicken di, but whene it layed the egg and abby ate it wra it was discusting if i ever had to do that in a T.V. show i think id puke. overall i think we have astableshed that it was an awsome episode
  • I'm still crying just thinking about it.

    I never knew things could get this emotional, for me, at least. At the end of this episode, where everybody was saying good-bye, and then the group split up, I was crying to DEATH! This was just the saddest way to end the series though it was GREAT too! Maybe the movie will settle it and help me wipe up all my tears. But anyway, I'm glad Melissa went because she could have some alone time with Jackson while away from Taylor! Yes! Finally! Maybe they would officially become a couple during this trip. But, this series finale episode means the movie is going to be great.
  • The last episode is always very special.

    So almost everyone cried in this episode. I did not expect that to happen. Daley went bacily crazy because her so called democracy fell a part faster then you can say you say what now. Making things tense so that 2 groups were formed one that wanted to search for the others so they can get recused. The other group just wanted to wait or as Abby said wait for distared. Sad but true. Abby may have lost it but see did had some stuff i had to agree with. I didn't want Mel to leave to search but she had to keep an eye on her man Jackson i guess. The end well not until the movie comes out. I can't wait.
  • It was between Tearjerker and Painful to watch...

    When I saw this episode I bawled my eyes out. It was so dramatic and shocking. What acting! It was great! I was very upset that Abby had managed to split up the group, but hey, if she hadn't then what else would happen? There had to be some kind of drama. I liked it how they made it seem like Eric and Abby took the chicken when it was really Mel. This episode was probaly one of the most moving episodes of television I've seen. I was crying so hard that I could barely breathe. 10/10! It was amazing.
  • In this episode, Abby tries to take control over the group by trying to get Daley to kill the chicken. Daley tries her hardest to keep them all together, but unfortunately Eric, Abby, and Jackson, and Melissa decide to go look for the others

    I cannot believe everything that happened in this episode!!!!! I...It...well I can't even put into words the complicated emotions that went through me. I actually cried--which isnt saying much b/c i cry at everything-- when jackson said he was going too. I was like NOOOO!! but then melissa decided to go along as well. I actually disagreed with melissa and felt bad for taylor when she was all "you're a selfish, devious person taylor. I dont trust you anymore." that was a little harsh. And as for abby----OMG! Scary much?!and i am glad eric is leaving--he was getting on my last nerve! Overall---great episode! props to the creators!
  • Daley freaks out and the group splits up

    Eric talks to Abby about leaving. He decieds to go with her. She convinces Jackson too. Lex's chicken goes missing. They assume the worst and Nathan sees Eric and starts beating him up. Nathan has to pry him off. Mel shows up with the chicken. At dinner they anounce leaving. Daley tries to put it to a vote but no one takes her side. She freaks out and leaves. then they play keane only the best band ever!!!! (that should totaly be in uppercase) Taylor, lex and Nathan watch abby and Eric get ready to leave. Taylor crying gives Eric a hug. Mel comes and they realize that she's going to. Than they leave.
    I can't wait til the movie!