Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 13

See Ya

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 10, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The song Everybody's Change by Keane was featured in this episode.

    • TRIVIA: While filming the scene where Nathan attacks Eric, and Jackson is trying to pry Nathan off of him, Corbin Bleu (Nathan) accidentally pulled his arm back enough to hit Johnny Pacar (Jackson) in the nose. His nose started bleeding but he stayed in character throughout the take and was taken to the hospital after.

    • TRIVIA: At the end of the episode, Jackson, Abby, Eric, and Melissa leave to find the others.

  • Quotes

    • (The castaways are saying their goodbyes)
      Lex: Wait, who's bringing two packs?
      Jackson: No one. It's, um... (He points as Melissa walks up. Taylor stares in grief and Lex begins to cry)
      Melissa: I'm going, too. We've always said we're stronger in a group. Now we need to keep two groups strong.
      Nathan: Are you sure, Mel? (He takes her hand)
      Melissa (starts crying): No. I'm not. I don't know if I'm going towards something... or getting away... but... it feels right.

    • (Eric and Abby are packing while Nathan, Taylor, and Lex are watching them, obviously upset)
      Eric (gets up and walks towards them): Come on, you guys saw this coming, right? It's just, I'm going crazy here.
      (Taylor hugs him and starts crying)
      Taylor: Don't take long, okay?

    • Taylor: Look, I don't know how long we're going to be stuck here, but if we don't talk it's gonna seem like a lifetime.
      Melissa: There's nothing to talk about.
      Taylor (walks over to Melissa): I'm sorry that Jackson and I have connected, I know how much you like him.
      Melissa: It doesn't matter to me how you two feel about each other.
      Taylor: Oh, well, then I guess we don't have a problem.
      Melissa: What matters is that you knew how I felt and that didn't stop you from trying to get close to him.
      Taylor: But, I didn't try, it's just that-
      Melissa: You're a selfish, devious person, Taylor, I don't trust you anymore.

    • Daley (near tears): We all think we should stay together except for Eric and Abbey, right? Right?
      Jackson: No. I've always gone along with the group, even when I didn't agree and it's worked until now. But I'm tired of waiting for something to happen. I'm going with Eric and Abby.

    • (Daley has a vote to see who thinks it is better to have a democracy, but no one raises their hands)
      Daley (walks up to Melissa): Melissa? How... how could you... (runs to Nathan) Nathan... (runs to Lex and gets on knees) Lex... Lex... You know this is right. Lex...

    • (Melissa, Abby, and Eric, have already started leaving but Jackson turns to grief-stricken Nathan, Lex, and Taylor)
      Jackson: We're together. We're gonna be fine. So will you. (Daley comes out of the forest and stands behind Nathan, Lex, and Taylor. Jackson and Daley give each other a small nod) See ya soon. (starts to leave, then comes back.) But if not... see ya later.
      (The theme song plays slower and lower. The group not leaving stands there, crying. The camera then turns to the shore, and the other four are seen leaving their home on the island behind)

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