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Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 3

She Said, He Said, She Said

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 23, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids
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Episode Summary

She Said, He Said, She Said
Eric and Taylor create many conspiracy theories involving Nathan, Daley and Melissa. When confronted, Melissa accidentally reveals that Nathan is in love with Daley.

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  • Melissa spills the beans . . .

    . . . . . about Nathan liking Daley, in front of Nathan, and most importantly, Daley. Melissa, just couldn't take all of that heat and just had to spill the beans. Now that is what kinda broke up Nathan and Daley. Ever since She Said He Said She Said, Daley and Nathan haven't really talked or anything, or hanged out with each other, like they were too nervous to talk to each other. That was the only thing wrong about Melissa telling Daley and the others. At least Daley is now aware that Nathan will be trying to 'hook up' with her. Then Taylor and Eric. They got on my nerves so much. Does anyone know what conhooting means anyway? 'Cause I don't.moreless
  • Melissa blurts out Nathan's secret to everyone.

    It's easily the best episode yet!!!

    I absolutely love all the drama in this episode! I was told about what happened before I saw it, but I was still shocked about everything that happened. I love how every time something happens Taylor and Eric come up with another wrong idea about what's going on. I also like how the whole episode and everything that happens is all based around what's going on with Nathan, and how Nathan and Melissa are the only ones that know the truth. I like everything about this episode- it's just all around great!!! I'd have to say, though, that my favorite part is at the end when everyone is gathered around Melissa, pressuring her to tell the truth and she blurts out that Nathan likes Daley- just as Nathan walks up behind her! That is a great part of this episode!moreless
  • Best Episode Ever!!!!

    I find this episode like the best episode so far because everyone finds about Nathan feelings for Daley and that Melissa tells everyone which is more Exciting because you would think that Nathan would tell Daley And NOT everyone! I also like what Taylor thinks about Nathan and Daley and about Nathan and Melissa. I also Like the "cohooting" (sorry if spelled wrong) that both Taylor and Eric think is going on with Nathan and Daley and Nathan and Melissa. The acting is also good. The part where they are stunned to find out about Nathan feelings I feel is the best part.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • TRIVIA: The song playing while Nathan is walking down the beach, thinking about Daley, is by the actor that plays him, Corbin Bleu. It's called Circles In My Mind.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Melissa gets caught up in a bunch of lies and accidently tells everyone about Nathan's feelings for Daley. This is the second time a relationship has been suggested between the seven castaways in the camp. The first was Melissa liking Jackson, and now it's Nathan liking Daley.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Taylor: There is not enough room in that grungy dungeon for me, a bunch of hygene impaired boys, and the smell of toe jam! Build a shelter!
      Daley (to Lex, who is working on plans for the shelter): Grungy Dungeon?
      Lex: I really hope this works.

    • (After Melissa is hugging and comforting Nathan on the beach)
      Taylor (sitting on an airplane seat in the distance with Eric, then she gasps): I don't believe it. That's why Nathan's been acting so goofy!
      Eric: What... now what am I missing?
      Taylor: It's all there. Walks on the beach, kicking sand, looking all droopy? The only thing missing is a weepy song and a sunset!
      Eric: I'm lost.
      Taylor: And blind! (points to Nathan and Melissa) Look at that! Nathan is trying to hook up with Melissa!
      Eric (points): Yeah! (Taylor nods) She's always saying how he's confiding in her all the time.
      Taylor: Mmmhmm! That's how it starts! First it's confiding, then it's walking on the beach, next thing you know --!
      Eric (holding up hand and shaking his head): Oh, no no, enough. I don't need that image. Wait, so there's no secret plan?
      Taylor: Oh there's a secret. But not for long. (Eric nods, going along)

    • Melissa (runs to where Eric and Jackson are): Eric! Stop spreading rumors!
      Eric (to Jackson): Don't listen to her, she's in cahoots with them. (leans towards Jackson) There's a whole lot of cahooting going on. (nods at Jackson)
      Melissa: We're not in cahoots! ... Whatever that is. We're friends! Nathan confides in me!
      Jackson (to Melissa): What's he talking about?
      Eric: Yeah, tell him. You said it! Nathan's been acting weird ever since he almost got struck by lightning.
      Jackson: Is that true?
      Melissa: Uhh.. yeah.. sorta, but -- but he almost died! I think that would make anybody act a little strange!
      Jackson: So he's hurt --?
      Melissa: No! Yes! I don't know. (Jackson shrugs) Maybe he's not feeling like himself...
      Eric: So you're saying that his brain got fried.
      Melissa: Oh give me a break.
      Jackson (walking away): I think a lot of brains are fried around here.
      Eric (nods smugly, stops and looks back and forth): What did he mean by that? (Melissa rolls her eyes)

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