Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 8

Survival of the Fittest

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 10, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • Taylor gets mad at Melissa when she accidently ruins her shirt.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It shows Jackson cares for Melissa and whether or not she is alright. It also shows that Taylor is spiteful when she played the tape, but she felt so bad as to go and look for Melissa. Lex and Jackson find the girls over the cliff. This ep shows that Taylor sometimes can't be trusted, but it also shows that she doesn't think about the consequences of her actions before she does something. Eric manipulates Taylor into playing the tape over the loud speaker, so Melissa's secret will be revealed; that she really likes Jackson. I enjoyed this episode a lot.
  • Taylor gets mad at Melissa because she ruined her shirt so when she watches Melissa's video saying that she likes Jackson, Taylor plays the tape over the loud speaker. It plays when shes talking to Jackson and she runs away.

    I loved this episode because Melissa's feelings for Jackson are finally revealed. Also it puts out there one more reason I dislike Taylor. I always wanted to see those two together. I know they won't while on the island but like what Jackson said, maybe when they get home and of the island. I loved this episode and Im sure anyone would.
  • How stupid of Taylor to spread a rumor about Melissa just because she ruined her shirt!!! Ugh!!!

    Though we all probably knew it . . . . . Melissa likes Jackson!! But how dare Taylor! She should be ashamed of herself. Just because Melissa ruined ONE of her many shirts, doesn't mean she needs to go blabbering around that Melissa really likes Jackson, so Jackson can hear too!! And on the other hand, it was so obvious Daley and Nathan wouldn't catch that wild pig. He's too fast, he's too hard to catch, well, for two teenagers. Also, how silly of Melissa to just roam the wild on a cliff, then slipping and almost going all the way. At least she wasn't hurt. But what I really thought was . . . Taylor really deserved to, too. Anyway, 9.1.
  • It was kinda exciting

    I think that this episode was exciting and kind of suspensful because Taylor found out Melissa's secret and puts it on a mega phone for everyone else to hear. If I were Melissa I wouldn't have just ran away... I'd run and hide. It was kind of scary when Melissa sliped and fell off that cliff. I'm glad that Taylor felt bad about what she did and went and looked for Melissa. I think that was the right thing to do. I liked when Daley and Nathan were trying to catch the pig. that was really funny. It wouldn't go into the trap and when Jackson ran by the pig ran straight into the trap.
  • Melissa ruins Taylor's shirt

    Another episode which made me loath the Taylor character. How selfish and self-absorbed can one girl possibly be? It's not like there is an Old Navy down the street. Someone is going to run out of clothes soon and she needs to cope with it. Bad leads to bad, Melissa falls down the side of the mountain, conviently lands in a cave and is shortly joined by Taylor, they have a moment and all is well. Typical. The Daley and Nathan pig hunt was pretty entertaining. Two of the smartest kids in their school and they can't catch a pig? Come on.
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