Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 7

The Cry of the Wolf

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 03, 2005 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • Eric hears Mellisa saying she likes Jackson while tapin.Eric uses this to get her to fetch the water.Lex finds Oysters.Eric gets sick.Melissa knows it's an allergy.She gives him a shot and saves his life. He thanks Melissa, bringing some water with him.

    It is a pretty good series. It got my kid to the read the books that the series is based on. It also mentions some good survival facts. Who knows when we will get stranded on a deserted island? lol. It is a good tv show for kids.

    I am not a fan of the kids eating raw oysters. It can be risky and since the have a fire the could have cooked them.

    It mention in the description above that this is the episode where Howie Days 'Collide' is played. Actually, it isn't. It is the previous episode of the season, "The Pits" including the song at it's closing scene.
  • i havent seen this episode yet, but i REALLY want to. i have been looking for it for over 3 months now, and if anyone goes on to youtube, then can you PLEASE upload the entire episode for me? please and thank you, i am getting a little desperate here :)

    havent seen it, REALLY want to though. if any 1 goes onto youtube, please upload the enire episode for me! i have been looking for this episode for over 3 months now, and i am getting kinda desperate, i always seem to miss it. a lot of people told me it was a great episode, and of course with my luck, i always miss it (if i didnt have bad luck, i wouldnt have any) lol so also, if any 1 knows were i can find this episode on the web, or wherever, please e-mail me at littlebitty1256@aol.com. i would really appriciate any help you can give me. you would think me being irish i would have some luck with this, but nope! please and thank you!! :)
  • Melissa saves Eric's life!!!!

    Good boy, Lex for finding a new food source, that Eric is allergic to. Not trying to be mean, but Eric deserved it. He is lazy, stuck up, stubborn, and even maybe either leter in this episode or in Survival of the Fittest, he showed Taylor that secret tape about her liking Jackson. I just hate Eric. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. But, that on his stomach, was gross. It was painful looking at it!!! But if I were Melissa in Survival of the Fittest, I'd just let him sit there and die. But anyway, Melissa did a very good thing. That is why she is my favorite Flight 29 Down character that is a girl. She doesn't try to act like a leader and she isn't stuck up or stubborn. She just tries to help and that is what I like about her.
  • This episode is my 2nd favorite learn more about it below

    Yeah I really like this episode and there are a couple reasons 1)Even though Eric blackmailed Melissa she saved his life 2) this episode kinda changes Eric for the better 3)This is the first episode where something really exciting happens. Here is what happens: Eric finds out that Melissa likes Jakcson (can you blame her?) while she is recording her video diary. l8ter he blackmails her with it. Lex finds out ousters are an infanant food source but he is not sure if they are safe Him and Jakcson bring them back to camp Jackson tries them first about three hours l8ter jackson still feels fine so everyone eats them. A couple hours l8ter though Eric starts feeling sick. He sits down but when he still doesn't feel good he goes to tell Melissa and Jackson. Jackson doesn't believe him and tells him to help them Melissa tells him no that if Eric feels bad he should lay down. Then she pulls Eric over a couple yards away from Jackson and tells him to find some shade lay down and go away. Eric tells her he really feels sick but she doesn't really believe him.So he goes to the plain when daley asks for help he tries to tell her he serriously doesnt feel good but she doesn't buy it and walks off. L8ter @ dinner Lex tells the group that he feels bad eating without Eric Nathen goes to get him and finds him almost passed out. They bring him into the tent Eric tells them its hard to breath. Melissa thinks she has seen it b4 and concludes that he is allergic to ousters what they have to do to help him is pretty serrious though and the others aren't sure about it. Melissa explains that her cousin almost died from it and that Eric had all the same simptoms cramps trouble breathing and passig out. She saves him with a spring loaded needle. The next episode reviles weather or not Eric stops blackmailing Melissa.
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