Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 14

The Hotel Tango

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Aug 25, 2007 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • One way to go

    I hated the attitude abby had in the show. She is the reason the group separated she is why everyone got hurt. I hate her...
  • No more Flight 29 Down after this... I am sad.

    At first, I could understand why Lex was upset with Daley. She wasn't a good leader after all, but then how he started getting so mad and grumpy, that was kind of mean of Lex. I mean, you never know. The satelites up in the air could possibly see that light, and they did, thanks to Daley! Hotel Tango was an interesting place as well. Kinda cool! Ian, for some reason, I expected him to be short and nerdy. But when I saw him, I'm like, "That's Ian?" He looked kinda cool! But hurt, and then Jory and the captain! This was a great ending to a great show, though I expected more Jackson - n - Melissa action, but no, it didn't happen. Too bad. I'm really hopind for a spin off though!
  • 10
    I love this episode!!! But I didnt want it to end!!! Now I'm sad!! :(
    I love Flight 29 Down! Now it's come to an end. *sigh* I REALLY loved this show. It's sad that I also don't have "Discovery Kids", so i can't watch it when it comes on. All i have are DVD's. And the "You Tube" website. But that doesnt even work well either!!!!! I'm so sad!!! :(
    I am really sad!
    OKay enough about me!

    I love this episode!!!!! I'm so gla that everyone is together!! Its a good thing someone else lived on the island!!! That would be tragic if they didnt!!!

    Bye Flight 29 Down. *sniffle. tear* lol
  • It starts off by showing when Jackson, Melissa, Eric and Abby all leave camp in search for any other life on the island. Then continues with what happens after that...

    I think they ended it really well, although some are saying that there were a lot of questions unanswered. But they stuck to the point. For example, we found out where the chicken came from, what happened to Ian, Jory and Captain Russell and if they get rescued. I was reeeally happy to see they told us what was happening with Melissa and Jackson, and what was going to happen with Jackson's probabtion. And I was glad to see they just didn't leave us hangning with what happened between Daley and Nathan, although I wasn't a real fan for a while.

    And I was glad to see that Abby returned to her normal self after turning into a cow and blaming it on everyone else. So, overall I thought it was absolutely awesome! I am sad it done, but I happy it its done too caus now we know what happens to them in the end...LOL.
  • This movie was awesome but now the show is over.

    Okay so Abby, Jackson, Eric, and Melissa went to find the others and any chance of getting off the island. While Nathan, Taylor, Daley, and Lex stayed at the beach. Lex blamed Daley for everything that went wrong because she always wants to be in control. Nathan saids that they need to think big so he comes up with this s.o.s. sign on the ground and light it up when a boat comes by. Abby's group finds the others. The pliot went nuts, the boy broke his leg and had a fever, and jory was ok. Jackson tells Melissa his real name (cody)and they end up together and so does Nathan and Daley. Taylor was no longer a snob and Lex got over being mad at Daley when she put the light towards the sky to get a signal. They were saved and put that rusted box they found a while ago and put there tapes and knives in there. It was so good and i am so sad that my favorite show is ending. I wanted to see the parents.
  • Hurt that the series ended.

    Flight 29 Down has been one of my favorite series. Finally watching the season and series finale has left me sad, happy, and upset. I am sad and upset that Flight 29 Down ended. But happy that it ended with such a good movie. The 2 hour movie left me wanting a little bit more. Through out the movie i kept hoping it wouldn't end. I hope they make a dvd out of it though. It includeds the well known, Corbin Bleu. And it showed him as a good actor because and extra was that he wasn't similar to his character.