Flight 29 Down

Season 1 Episode 12

Until Proven Guilty

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Mar 11, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • I hate Eric. Who doesn't?

    This is the second episode in this season where Eric is caught looking at someone else's person video tapes, as I have said before. And, I hate Eric. Who agrees with me? Hopefully everybody. But at the end I finally thought I would get to know Jackson's secret, but NO!!!! They just had to stop it right there, just moments away from it showing the secret, but the episode was over. I wanted to just pull my hair out, (thank goodness I didn't, 'cause I'd be nothing without my hair) Anyway, I like the reason Lex stole the video tapes. Then the conclusion about who stole them or why they stole them. But I just hate Eric. Revealing Jackson's secret is what makes him venture off across the island in the next episode, Scratch.
  • Someone steals the tape diaries and they host a trial to find out who stole them. Lex was proven guilty, and we find that Jackson has a secert to hide.

    I think this episode was fantastic. I loved how it kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole episode. I can not wait to find out what Jackson's secret is. I liked how it explains why Lex stole the tapes, and how Eric was the reason why. This episode revealed so much about the whole group. I can not believe that Nathan likes Daily, even though i could pretty much saw that one comming. I can not wait to see the next episode where they will hopefully reveal Jackson's super secret secret!! Two thumbs way, way up!!
  • amzing episode...

    this episode of flight 29 down is amazing! it tells us a lot abut the series! it tells us some important info about jackson that helps lead up to the season fially! it also lets us know and shows uas for the first time that jackson is also keeping a video diry...it is amazing how people thought it was the lest expected person..and was and wasn't at the same time! it was a little confusion but helps us figure out more about the series so that the season finally would make sence! i really love this episode and all the ones before it!
  • All the kids have diaries that reveal their private things. They wake up one morning to find that the tapes are gone. Someone between them has stolen them and they need to find out who it is or this person might reveal their secrets.

    I think it was a good episode to lead to the end of the season finale. The tension is starting to build up which will become a great ending to this show. It was obivous it that the guilty was the one that wasn\'t expected but at the same time was expected.