Flight 29 Down

Season 2 Episode 6

Where There's Smoke

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Oct 14, 2006 on Discovery Channel Kids

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  • Taylor forgot to charge the batteries and flashlights are useless. They need to find a way to make the fire again since the liter ran out of gas. They vote to take the plane to the camp as a shelter.

    I think this is a very special episode because until previous episodes Taylor was very lazy. In "When There's Smoke", Taylor shows some interest on doing something that can be useful in the group. Here Jackson shows Taylor that he plays guitar. I do not like to say this because I am a Melissa - Jackson fan but in that moment I saw a small love conection between Talyor and Jackson. However, I still think that Jackson is meant to be with Melissa, but only the producer will make that decision. At the end, Taylor lits the fire and her vote make the final decision on taking the plane to the camp to make it a shelter. So I basically think that this was an episode based on Taylor.
  • The castaways vote on moving the plane to the campsite; Taylor makes a fire when she accidentally uses up all the oil in the liter.

    This episode, was very special. At first, when I watched season 1 of this show, I could see Taylor was a stuck up, stubborn, selfish little jerk. But in this episode, Taylor actually votes to move the plane (which will be a lot of work) and helps make the fire after she breaks, I mean, runs down all the oil in the liter. But, she couldn't of done it without some help from Jackson. (Remember in season 1, Taylor was the one who gave Jackson all the tips and supplies for fishing) Well, anyway, I think Jackson and Taylor might actually hook up together. Who knows?