Flight of the Conchords

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 22, 2009 on HBO

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  • What a more appropriate way to end it all... *Warning: Major Spoilers in Review!*

    Like thefanof said, we can still cling to that hope of the third season, but the ending was quite the shocker... Deportation back to New Zealand.

    Murray's shotty managing has finally turned to the worst possible outcome for the duo, and it was kind of predictable that they'd get caught, with the first episode foreshadowing it all.

    I was surprised the last studio song they'll do was "Petrov, Yelyena and Me", Great as a live song but only fell out of place a little bit for this episode.

    But, all weak points in the episode were overshadowed by the fact that the deportation encapsulated the whole series.

    Plus, loved the "Stomp!" style instrumental songs in the episode.

    In the same weekend as the BSG series finale, after going through a ton of flashbacks for that, this was welcome as a series finale or a season finale. (Let's cross our fingers that HBO execs will revive the series, and dedicated fans god hope they will.)
  • Spoilers to follow - Does this end mean this is really the end?

    I've read on several message boards that the Kiwi duo plans to move on to other projects, hailing the end of Flight of the Conchords. Starting into this episode, I didn't realize I was watching the season, and perhaps series finale. Season 2 has had a few memorable songs, (notably 'Sugar Lumps' and 'I've got hurt feelings') but lacked the solidity of season 1's tracks. The key difference being in that Season 1's episodes were written around existing songs, and season 2's songs were written to go along with the show. I wish they'd cut the random 'French' song from this episode and developed the musical recap of the series more. I know the joke revolved around the musical being bad, but it was really, really bad. There was the potential for the recap to be the shining star the series went out on, but they just squandered the opportunity.
    I'd really like to see Flight of the Conchords get back to pure song writing and put on another comedy tour like they did prior to their show.
  • The last episode in the series is one of the best. It has character and really has the show come full circle. Well Further than full circle, a little to the left as well.

    As a final episode this is perfect as it comes full circle. Most of the episodes this season have been about Bret or Jemaine get the girl and it has bothered me, only recently have they got back on track. This has pushed some of the supporting cast like Mel into the background. She may be annoying but most of her appearances are comedy gold. The subplot is laugh out loud funny.

    When the boys get evicted for paying there rent in New Zealand and not American dollars, Murray suggests putting on play of their life. Trouble is they don't have anywhere to live either. Could Mel help with that?

    Murray's Ego is High this episode with him creating the play and even complimenting the actor playing him in the production. However I really liked Mel's involvement as she shows she truly does love Doug. The situation of Mel treating the boys like children even going through the Doug separation speech with them, 'its not you it's us, you'll learn when you up' was hilarious. So was her excitement at Doug appearing on stage playing harp and the subsequent snog in the hallway.

    The songs this episode were kind weak. However the use of home furniture (and it's reprise at the end of the ep) as musical instruments was great. The police sirens as Jemaine opens the window.

    With the play an obvious flop and the boys deported (thanks Murray for drawing attention to their illegal immigrant status) it looks like it is the end of the series. Back to Shepherding for the boys then.
  • The final episode of Flight of the Conchords.

    I must stress that there is a chance there could be a third season of Flight of the Conchords. After all, HBO hyped it as the season finale, and nothing is ever a sure deal, but the way this episode ended and the fact that both Jemaine and Bret said this would probably be the last year makes me think one of TV's freshest shows to come along in some time is over.

    As much as I like the show, doing an episode about a play is not too believable, and when you take into account that it's another plot they probably came up with from watching another series (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia just did a musical in their season finale) it increases my negative bias even more.

    But how can you not laugh at Dave dressed up as The Statue of Liberty? Murray was hilarious as well throughout, but this was a pretty average way to go out on.