Flight of the Conchords

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 22, 2009 on HBO

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  • What a more appropriate way to end it all... *Warning: Major Spoilers in Review!*

    Like thefanof said, we can still cling to that hope of the third season, but the ending was quite the shocker... Deportation back to New Zealand.

    Murray's shotty managing has finally turned to the worst possible outcome for the duo, and it was kind of predictable that they'd get caught, with the first episode foreshadowing it all.

    I was surprised the last studio song they'll do was "Petrov, Yelyena and Me", Great as a live song but only fell out of place a little bit for this episode.

    But, all weak points in the episode were overshadowed by the fact that the deportation encapsulated the whole series.

    Plus, loved the "Stomp!" style instrumental songs in the episode.

    In the same weekend as the BSG series finale, after going through a ton of flashbacks for that, this was welcome as a series finale or a season finale. (Let's cross our fingers that HBO execs will revive the series, and dedicated fans god hope they will.)