Flight of the Conchords

Season 2 Episode 4

Murray Takes it to the Next Level

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Feb 08, 2009 on HBO

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  • Some good moments, but some of the filler material and ending are not typical FOTC. Not their best material in the filler content... *possible spoilers in review*

    This episode was ok, but compared to the first two of the season, it's a major downstep. To start, the CG used in Mel's song was pretty dramatic and required very dedicated and skilled artistry. However, I felt most of the effort in production was all centered on that one moment for the episode, then there was a need to take references to cheat in making people laugh.
    I, myself, did not grow up on the show "Friends" and was unable to catch the references made to the show in some filler material.
    There were highlights in the episode such as the table tennis moment and the phone argument. Those were well thought out but the rest of it seems like random noise.
    The ending with the song is an attempt to try and make laughter (and it tried really hard), but unless some hilarious plot twist such as Jim and Murray start having trouble and then lowering in the "friendship" graph, eventually getting back to even with Bret and Jemaine and eventually scrapping the friendship graph, The episode is not encapsulated.
    The previous two episodes have encapsulated by ending on a hilarious note (the Angels song and Murray left out as The Tough Brets), but just showing a shot of a NYC sunset is a really bad way to end a episode.
    This was a fair episode, but not their best material and what I consider a filler episode. It might take multiple views to appreciate it.
  • Murray suggests that he take his friendship with Bret and Jemaine to the next level.

    Silly was really the best classification for this episode. I still found myself laughing as hard as I usually do but the majority of this episode was really childish. Building a fort out of sheets has rarely been done on TV since The Brady Bunch, and for good reason.

    I did like Murray's friendship scale which rivaled Barney's Hot-Crazy scale from How I Met Your Mother which judges how much craziness a woman's looks can allow. This also prompted guest star Jim Gaffigan (My Boys) to ask where he got his markers from.

    Murray was great in this episode, but Gaffigan also provided a spark here with his constant questions such as, "What is your favorite part of the newspaper?" And the constant Friends references were enjoyable as well.

    The two stars of this show Bret and Jemaine were really the weak links here, but this was still a pretty fun episode.