Flight of the Conchords

Season 2 Episode 2

New Cup

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jan 25, 2009 on HBO

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  • All the girls are checking out my sugar lumps

    Although it took a little while to get started this was an amazingly funny episode. Just the idea of Bret and Jermaine going into prostitution is enough to laugh at, even before the jokes. The way it's tied into buying a $2.79 mug and super straws though is genius.

    The funniest bit for me was Jermaine calling up his ex on a payphone though. It goes something like this: 'Hello Carol, it's Jemaine, you know we had sex like 6 times last year in February, well I'm a prostitute now...'. I won't give away the punchline but it's fricking hilarious.

    Last week was funny but this week -despite the weak links into the tunes, in particular sugar lumps- had me in fits. Murray was great as well and Mel was annoying as ever 'Samurai Masseuse'.
  • hilarious!!!!

    what a great episode!!! had me laughing all the way...first it was jemaine's " bret,do u even pay any attention to the cup roster" lol lol...plus murray describing the bass and lead guitars as dad and mom guitars...rofl....bret's "spending spree" makes their phone bill bounce and gas bill and electricity bill bounce...murray's review in the "new zealand consulate newsletter"... 2 stars out of a 100...lol lol...the laughs just kept on coming...when jemaine asks murray if there are any biscuits, they had to fill up a form and send it to wellington for approval...too good...the song sugar lumps was also good...so consequently both of them become prostitutes and try to raise some cash...awesome episode...had me laughing through out...
  • After an egregious mishandling of funds, the boys are forced into a life of prostitution. Murray attempts to lighten their finacial load via his expertise in international finance.

    Great episode. I liked that Mel is back to being their biggest fan. We learn something more disturbing about her every time the boys are forced to visit her house. She and her fixation with the boys is one of the best parts of the storyline. I don't see why they weren't willing to go all the way with her for a chunk of money, even though her husband was still in the room. I just would have liked it better if the boys had tried pimping as opposed to turning tricks. Also, the overall moral of the story should have highlighted the fact that every dollar a man earns with his junk is a testament to his greatness.
  • I love it

    By far the best FOTC episode! I really like the direction the second season is going. After HBO announced they were signing FOTC for an additional season, I was skeptical if the second season would live up to its expectations. FOTC season 2 has not only met my expectations, but with flying colors. Mel, Dave and Jermaine are my favorite characters... oh yeah and I can't forget Murray! I Murray does some fabulous "managing skills" in this season.
    The first season seemed to develop plots around their hit singles from comedy concerts, but the second season is completely fresh and looks great so far!
  • Jemaine and Bret share one cup in their small apartment, up to a point when Bret decides to buy a 2 dollar and 79 cent mug for himself.

    With the purchase of the mug by Bret, money troubles strikes deeply in their lives. With the amount of bills left unpaid, Bret is forced to sell his Guiter and play a Gig with Jemaine without a instrument. Later on in this very quirky tale, Jemaine as well sells his instruments is forced to prostitute himself.

    Final Comments. This was one of the best well written well sang episode I have seen in a while. I have seen every episode that was aired and I loved each with equal amounts, but this episode made me more in love with the show. If you didn't laugh during this episode then maybe your watching the wrong kind of show, but for the rest of yeah if you really in need of a laugh and waste away a 30 minutes of the day, then don't waste time looking for something to watch when you can spend it on the Flights Of Conchords it is well worth your time.
  • Jemaine becomes a prostitute.

    I'll start by saying that Jemaine Clement, Brett McKenzie and Rhys Darby are very talented comedians who can say just about everything and spawn a laugh from me. But there is a noticeable lack of effort put into this recent episode from the childish song about their "sugar lumps" to the forced "banter" between Jemaine and Brett.

    There just aren't the funny quotes and awkward scenes we have come to expect from the first season. Sure, Murray writing poor reviews for the duo was kind of clever, but think of how genius his material was back in 2007. At one point we are supposed to laugh at a man, Murray's partner, simply because of his accent. This mainstream comedy is just not what the show was about.

    This is still a sophisticated program, and that is quite a compliment when the basis of this was about the folk group becoming prostitutes, but the shortage of material Flight of the Conchords spoke about in various interviews is clearly an issue to be concerned about.