Flight of the Conchords

Season 2 Episode 8

New Zealand Town

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Mar 08, 2009 on HBO

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  • This, besides the filler content of Prime Minister/Secretary affection and the non-sequitur lyrics for the only song, was the best writing I've seen this season.

    This episode in 5 words: The story arc was perfect.

    Bret and Jemaine really outperformed themselves in this episode, which had excelling acting and writing when it came to the two. I found myself laughing so hard when they substituted glue for hair gel.

    The song was not at par with the writing of the episode, but I'd still grade it at a B-.

    Though one piece was a little weak: The Prime Minister/Secretary relationship. Far too simple/confusing and preventing me from giving it the perfect 10. This is the only part of the episode where I would agree with thefanof's criticism that it's like a SNL sketch extended beyond it's shelf life.

    But I got to give props to Taika Waititi, in a season where the writing seems to go downhill, bringing a story arc like this is a refresh that is welcome to all dedicated FOTC fans.

    And who wouldn't love that Mel FINALLY gained access to Bret and Jeamine's apartment. I was predicting it, and it finally happened this episode.
  • Bret and Jemaine discover hair gel.

    The critics who are not fans of Flight of the Conchords cite how it comes off as a Saturday Night Live sketch extended way longer than its shelf life. I have simply written them off in the past, but that was the case tonight. Basing a whole episode on hair gel is insanity, even if it resulted in some good physical and verbal comedy.

    Bret was actually the funnier of the two Conchords, rarely the case on the second year show. Dave made the most of his minute of screen time and Murray contributed well again. I personally am not a fan of Brian "The Prime Minister of New Zealand" and hope his stay on Flight of the Conchords is over here.