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  • what happen to this great show?

    the first season of flight of concords was very good and had something new that have never been done in a comedy show before. one year after the first season the second season start, and have just lost everything what was good about the first season. it looks like the air is gone out of the ballon. it dont look right, it looks like the actors have been forced to do something they dont want to, the creativity and fun have stagnated. it have very few fun moments and lack all the quirkieness we loved from the first season. the best episode in the second season so far is "The Tough Brets" aired 2/1/2009".
  • An absolutely hilarious show

    I remember seeing a Flight of the Conchords special on HBO a couple of years back and I loved them then. Heck I even remember Jemaine doing those Outback Steakhouse commercials, which after seeing this show is funny seeing as how they hate Australians (as evident in Bret Gives up the Dream and Drive By). Everything I have seen with these two is crazy funny. While some people don't want to wait for this shows low-key pace, waiting through the shows slower moments is well worth it to get to there songs (Like business Time). There subtle comedy should be enough to keep even the most easily distracted people watching in between tunes.

    I can't get enough of this show, and can't wait for season 2.
  • Fun and New...

    When they don't succeed in their life and get attached to it, their reactions gets hilarious.
  • Very good and hopefully will get better.

    Flight of the conchords is my latest discover in the comedy world, and it's worth watching. It centres around two main characters trying to make it as a band in New York. The show itself has alot of similarities to shows like Arrsested Development, Summer Hieghts High and Trailer Park Boys. But FOTC is a fantastic show in it's own right. My one problem is that I think there are too many songs in the show, I know these guys are a band in real life, and the songs are funny, but I prefer the dialogue between the characters rather than just silly songs. That said, it's still a great show.
  • Strikes the right (con)chord

    Flight of the Conchords is the latest oceanic series to make a splash in the U.S, centered around the New Zealand indie duo Flight of the Conchords which consists of deadpan Jermaine and shy Bret who try to adapt to life in the U.S and hit the big - time. Their qurky saga is aided by their clueless yet well - meaning manager Murray, their obsessed and lone fan Mel and of course their friend Dave who offers poor advice from over his pawn shop counter. Not since the days of pre - "The Contest" Seinfeld and pre - America The Office has a show really offered an authentic look at the awkward side of life and entertained through simple conversations and situations but this show has reminded us that such shows are not lost in network trends. However what sets Flight of the Conchords apart from the above shows is that it is very unconventional, almost all the characters are eccentrics and the frequent musical interludes that include absurdist lyrics and surreal art direction have rarely been seen on comedy shows. It is for this reason that the show may not appeal to all as many just look for one - sided entertainment and aren't prepared to adapt to anything new and strange. The music itself is often painfully funny, not only with the clever lyrics and fun graphics but also the singing voices employed by the duo (Jermaine in particular). The ballads are slower and tend to drag on but are no less enjoyable. And there is the overall gag that these two inexpressive guys launch into impassioned musical performances randomly and then going back to their state of mumbling indifference. Despite offering very good performances by all, I must say that I do not think that Jermaine Clement deserved the 2009 Emmy nomination for playing himself as he really does talk and act on one note only and rarely shows range. If only one acting nomination was going to be given to this show then it rightfully should have gone to Rhys Darby as Murray who is always hilarious and even conveys, subtly yet effectively, his inner - misery of having no friends or partners and only one real purpose in life, managing a failing band. However due to the recent clarity that award shows love zany bosses, a future nomination for Darby is no stretch to imagine. Another highlight is Kristen Schaal as loopy fan Mel who is often so convincing that it sparks discomfort in the audience. Two seasons of this show have already passed and it is not known how many more are on the horizon, no real direction or objective has been established and surely its lack of budget and publicity will impede its lifespan but hopefully the legions of people who have fallen under its charm will faithfully tune in and provide it with enough support to continue entertaining and bridging the gap between the U.S and New Zealand for years to come.
  • These two new zealanders cant go wrong in my book

    This show is clearly both original and ahead of its time. it could sit in the dictionary next to those words. I stumbled upon because of Entourage, and by the end of the season couldn't wait for the next. When i watched the first episode for the first time i thought it to be to bland and not have enough meat to it, but it had enough to want to at least give it a chance. The style and the main charecters grew on me quikly and i have grown to fall in love with the show. The way they have managed to blend the songs with the rest of the show, and the comedic talent they show within those songs is what really makes the show. The reason for two of my favorite episodes is most likely because of this in "Girlfreinds" and "Bowie." cant wait for the second season.
  • It gets better every time. Much like the movies Napoleon Dynamite or Zoolander, Flight of the Conchords is full of "quotables" that will be inside jokes for years to come.

    Flight of the Conchords have been a cult favorite among my friends for quite some time now. So, I suppose you should take what I have to say with a grain of salt. The pilot episode of the Flight of the Conchords HBO series by the same name was fantastic. I've seen it three times now, initially online, and a couple of times since showing it off to my aforementioned friends. It gets better every time. Much like the movies Napoleon Dynamite or Zoolander, Flight of the Conchords is full of "quotables" that will be inside jokes for years to come. While the "quality" of music is poor at best, it's the humor of the lyrics and the facial expressions that make FotC an absolute treat. I look forward to each new episode and hope for the show to continue for years to come.
  • This show is hilarious... but maybe not to everyone?

    Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of this show. It's funny, has clever story lines, and I enjoy the songs from the show. It's not entirely original because there are many similarities between this and the HBO comedy Tenacious D... but I'm in no way saying this two are identical. It's also a humor that may not appeal to everyone. It's often times absolutely hilarious without seeming to try to be very funny at all. I attempted to get my girlfriend into the show and she not only didn't find it nearly as amusing as I do but also stated she thought that the accents were heavy and found it made it harder to really relax and enjoy the humor. Agree to disagree I guess. Highly recommend this to anyone into music, "smart" comedies, and fans of the Tenacious D/Spinal Tap types of band presentation.
  • The Craziest show I've ever seen.

    This is one of those shows where there are no extra levels: You either love it, hate it, or are indifferent on it. I am one of the people that loves it. It is one of the craziest shows ever, and also the most original thing I've seen in a while. Seriously, no one would've ever thought of this under any other circumstances. A struggling New Zealand band trying to make it as they deal with their decidedly turbulant relationship are randomly thrown into music videos (based on the crappy pop music of the 70's) describing the situation. There are also countless references to popular rock and pop bands (most notably the episode 'Yoko' which is based on how Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles). Get HBO and watch this NOW!
  • Dead-on near perfect comedy that mixes obscure dark humor with random breaks into song.

    I couldn't express my love for this show any better. I am sad to see so few people reviewing this show. It's truly original and absolutely hilarious, especially the situation with the crazed fan. As an added plus, they've filmed in my neighborhood. Brett and Jermaine make a great team as New Zealand's 4th greatest folk band and their songs edgy and hilarious. I like how they focus on their poverty and struggle to be independent and original even with a crazy agent and lack of fan base (with one exception). The comedy is subtle and sublime and often ahead of its time.
  • A show that is funnier than any other comedy. Sorry Simpsons. Sorry Family Guy.

    Flight of the Conchords is a TV series about two New Zealanders named Bret and Jemaine. They're trying to be a big band in the United States starting in New York City. It dosen't go well when they're having a trash talking best friend, a band manager who's bad at his job, an over obssessive fan girl who follows them around. What is great about this show is that the humor is timeless. Most all of the music videos are hilarious. It was quite a shock for me to find out that Bret Mackenzie is Figwit in Lord of the Rings.

    What wasn't funny was the business time music video. I can't stand the character Dave.

    Overall, Flight of the Conchords is extremely funny. It beats any other comedy out there.
  • I didn't know what to expect at first, but I was presently surprised.

    I first heard of this show from a co-worker and decided to check it out since it was available OnDemand. Wow is all I can say! During the first episode I was not really sure what was going on but when they made their music video dressed up as robots, I was hooked! I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes music based humor!
  • I LOVE FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! Check out this cool widget! http://www.premierpr-online.co.uk/flightoftheconchords/widget/

    I love FOTC! Check out this cool widget! You can view clips, see photos of the cast and find information about competitions! It is a great way to stay connected to Bret, Jemaine, Murray, Mel and Dave! http://www.premierpr-online.co.uk/flightoftheconchords/widget/ I love this show, though. They way it mixes its storylines with FOTC songs is brilliant! Bret and Jemaine are so talented! I'm so excited the DVD of series 2 drops august 3! I can't wait to watch all the episodes again and see all the DVD extras, like deleted scenes, outtake and Dave's very hilarious commercials for his shop! So funny!
  • Just a perfect blend of all the elements of comedy. Nothing else to it.

    Based on the real band from New Zealand, "Flight of the Conchords" revolves around two dim-witted New Zealanders, Jermaine and Bret, trying to make it to the big time in New York City. The duo is managed by their equally dim-witted manager, Murray, who has almost no idea what he's doing. The two band members argue over stupid topics or just get themselves mixed up in stupid situations, such as argue what startled Jermaine's date; Bret having dated her previously or being startled by a light. Bret also accepts holding up signs in one episode, where he becomes a smug and business-like man. The viewer will stay entertained throughout, simply because it has no snappy jokes or punch-lines; just a couple of guys being stupid.
  • One of the funniest and most original shows on T.V. It'good to see that HBO continues to give the people quality shows. Unlike the networks that just keep shoving the same old lame reality garbage at us.

    This show is addicting. The songs are great, the cast is great. The scripts are well written and funny as hell. I love these guys. And by the way, is it just me or could Jemaine Clement be Mick Jaggers son? I'm definitely hooked
    on The Conchords. Sunday nights 9:30pm, Roll call, I'm definitely present. I love when Jemaine does his sexy dance
    and the faces he makes when he's ready for Business Time.
    And how Brett just happens to be around the corner just waiting to join in the music. The lyrics are hilarious,
    Part-Time Model cracks me up..............you're so beautiful, like a tree or a high class prostitute, you could be a part-time model But you probably still have to keep your normal job. Or how bout the people on the streets gettin diseases from monkeys. Now there's junkies with monkey disease. I'm thinkin thats just weird. Isn't that weird, it would be weird wouldn't it. HBO definitely needs to keep this show.
  • Strangest musical show ever.

    This show varies from laugh-out-loud funny to laugh-with-guilt funny but is pretty much always funny when you're not cringing. The humor has some roots in Seinfeld in that it flows from the excruciatingly extreme clueless-ness of the characters. But this show takes it to a much greater extreme. With music videos. Actually, the videos are some of the funniest parts of the show. This show was not a favorite of mine when I first watched it, but it did grow on me, as I got used to the hopelessly out-of-touch main characters. You may think it is hilarious, or horrifying, or incomprehensible, but you probably will not be bored if you watch an episode or two of this show.
  • Music and sitcom who thought it would have worked?

    Brett and Jermaine, also known as the band Flight of the Conchords, two innocents being led by the fool of a manager Murry. Cant help but tickle my funny bone a little. Actually alot. These two boys seem to stumble into all sorts of idiotic scenarios with subtle humor that I love. Then for a little cherry on top I get a funny little song to go along with it. The songs dont always rock my world but on other days the Rhymenocerous and the Hiphopopotomaus kill it. I cant get "Sugar Lumps" out of my head. With their quirky humor and low status characters this show is a pleasure to watch each week. It will be sad to see the end of it at season two. To all that have not seen this I quote "New Zealand Give It A Go".
  • New Zealander Duo Bret and Jemaine try to make it big as a band in the U.S.

    This is one of the few good remaining shows left on HBO. Flight of The Conchords chronicles the life of Bret and Jemaine, two New Zealanders who have their own folk music band. More than just the humour of the two characters and their band manager Murray, the songs that they break out into in each episode are just hilarious. Its a different comedy that is not really in your face, but i personally love it. Each character is just creatively made, and even though the songs are silly most of the time, they still make you crack up. This is a different type of comedy but i love it.
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    Flight of the Conchords is a highly original show delivering a mix of awkward, dry and sarcastic comedy blended with the duo's penchant for creating folk parody songs.

    Jermaine and Bret deliver great performances just being themselves and bringing remixed versions of their songs to life on screen.

    The clincher was in the first episode when FOTC made their music video for the song "The Humans Are Dead." They had poor-man's robot costumes but every bit of the song was incredible... including the "binary solo" in the credits of the show.

    From the stars to the supporting cast including the not-so saavy band manager and Mel, the one (and only) die-hard fan, FOTC is a hit. HBO would due well to keep these two around for sometime a la Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Quirky and very funny in one hasnt happened since curb your enthusiasm

    With the memorable songs and even the dialogue this proves to be one of the best new comedy shows on TV right now, it was always going to be hard to follow the first season but with the start of the second it has proved to be at least on par with the first season with the comdy even if the songs are not as good in this one as the first it is still very memorable, the quirkynes of Brett and the straight mindedness of Jermaine they prove to be a very good team together and the manager Murrey has some great moments heres me hoping that it doesnt turn out to be like other comedies and ggets drawn out and that it finishes when it gets stale to preserve its greatness.
  • I love this show.

    I started watching Season 2 of Flight Of The Concords when The Chasers were put of the air for 2 weeks for their "Make A Realitisic Wish Foundation".

    After I watched the first episode of Season 2 I thought that this is an amazing show, I have to watch this show again and yet I did. Flight Of The Concords is a duo from New Zealand who are struggling musicians trying to make it big in New York City. With their crazy manager Murray and their fan/stalker Mel the show is a pleasure to watch anytime. I will always watch this show and if I have to miss it I'll make sure it gets tape. At the moment it's my favourite show on TV.
  • Bret and Jermaine are the best!

    This show is fantastic! The characters are so lovable and their accents make the comedy even better.

    I love their story, even if it jumps around a little bit. The music is the best part of the show, I bought the album and to this day I know all the words to the songs. Their range of musical talents is wider than just any other musical duo. These guys make me laugh every episode I can't wait for the second season. Their new zealand-ness is fantastic and makes me wish I had some kiwi friends around to entertain me all day! I was promised a second season!
  • Hilarious show! One of those shows where you watch it a second time and are still finding new jokes you missed the first time. Not only are they good actors but they are excellent singers as well. Their songs are absolutely hilarious :)

    I started watching this show at a friends house and was taken in by the catchy ironic type of humor. Once I started watching I just couldn't stop watching.

    The characters are well thought out and each have a unique feel to them unlike some shows where some characters just seem stereo typical and uninteresting.

    Their plots almost remind me of a Mitch Hedberg standup. They area always doing something very ordinary and normal, but make fun of everyday typical things in life.

    Their songs mid episode are absolutely genius. If they were to apply themselves to becoming a band that is just out to make money and produce big hit songs I have no doubt they would become famous, but they realized they have a greater talent producing comedy. I am glad they chose to share their prospective with us :)
  • This is my light and very personal review of "Flight of the Conchords"

    I'm a big fan of comedy, someday later I'll make a list of the best one's. But for now I just would like to draw your attention towards this serie called "Flight of the Conchords". It's also a parody around music. Two New Zealanders in New York trying to make their way with their band.

    If you liked "The Office" UK version this also has that silent kind of humor and an incompetent boss or in this case manager.

    Not conviced?
    Rachel Blanchard in episode one and some other babes! :P

    (Check this scene at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmDTSQtK20c)

    Hope you enjoy comedy, and if you do I'm almost sure you'll enjoy this one!

    posted in my blog with pics @
  • These guys are funny... and it's funny because it's true... Ka Pai!

    Finally after saying i was going to watch this show, I got my chance. This guys are underrated, especially the manager, who is strangely enough the best of the lot. The fact that these guys are all in context so lame and boreing, that when you watch it, it is funny and random. Being a New Zealander i find it amusing with them making fun of New Zealand. They do it so well and what makes it just as good as they never miss a chance to make fun of Australia. Unfortunately hear in New Zealand it is on a third rate channel and a pain in the us time. This show deserves alot better, this is prime time material and needs to be played where it can be recognized.
  • Definition of original. Two friends from New Zealand battle life in the big city, relationships, and finding gigs for their struggling band. Doing so with a curb your enthusiasm meets napolean dynamite obscure suttle yet brilliant comic twist.

    This show brings a napolean dynamite meets curb your enthusiasm type unique form of comedy that will draw you in the more you watch. At first it is hard to grasp the borderline stupid plots and suttle comedy that the show portrays, but don't give up on this terrific show too soon. Once you understand the characters and their hilarious plight this show will grow on you in no time. In fact, after watching all the first few episodes so far, familiarizing myself with what its all about, I laugh histerically at the show's lead-in prelude song. Furthormore many hilarious motifs recur throughout the series and they get funnier everytime you see them. Don't get freaked out by how unique the show is, they do break out randomly into sometimes weird but most of the time extremely funny songs that work into the plot of the episode usually helping to describe their thoughts, feelings, mood, or the blatant situation they're caught in. Just listen to the lyrics. I highly recomend this show, and if you didn't like the first episode or the first few, don't give up on it, it gets better with time for the more you know the motifs of the show, how the characters act, how the show is structured, the little things become funnier, and the overall show becomes the classic that it is sure to be. Watch it.
  • Best episode, probably of the series to date.

    Best episode since the middle of season 1 at least. Aussie vs New Zealander discord may be old material to some viewers but it was hilariously portrayed in this episode. Jemaine deporting Bret because he looked like an Aussie for wearing a vest? I couldn't stop laughing out loud while watching. The two songs are the best I've heard from the duo, with "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" being my personal favorite and almost a guarantee that I buy the season soundtrack.

    There are so many memorable lines and scenes, almost the entire thing is quotable, and every recurring character has his scenes. I missed Mel and her take on Jemaine's gf, but I couldn't see room for it.
  • Interestingly, the strange folk stylings translate well from the stage to the small screen.

    To a certain degree, this concept has been done before - but the Conchords have been able to fine tune their gags on stage, and from the first show it's looking like they've managed to hold it all together for a static audience.

    In typical antipodian fashion, it's remarkably understanded, and the jokes are subtle and accessible. Think a Seinfeld-esque sitcom (lots of genuine situation jokes) mixed with a night on the karaoke. Expect a degree of cringe, because having two grown men with non-american accents singing about their feelings (for each other or about the fairer sex) in a folk-like manner may seem a little contrived and stupid. If you're willing to not take it too seriously, you should be giggling all the way to the closing of the show.