Flight of the Conchords

HBO (ended 2009)





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  • Definition of original. Two friends from New Zealand battle life in the big city, relationships, and finding gigs for their struggling band. Doing so with a curb your enthusiasm meets napolean dynamite obscure suttle yet brilliant comic twist.

    This show brings a napolean dynamite meets curb your enthusiasm type unique form of comedy that will draw you in the more you watch. At first it is hard to grasp the borderline stupid plots and suttle comedy that the show portrays, but don't give up on this terrific show too soon. Once you understand the characters and their hilarious plight this show will grow on you in no time. In fact, after watching all the first few episodes so far, familiarizing myself with what its all about, I laugh histerically at the show's lead-in prelude song. Furthormore many hilarious motifs recur throughout the series and they get funnier everytime you see them. Don't get freaked out by how unique the show is, they do break out randomly into sometimes weird but most of the time extremely funny songs that work into the plot of the episode usually helping to describe their thoughts, feelings, mood, or the blatant situation they're caught in. Just listen to the lyrics. I highly recomend this show, and if you didn't like the first episode or the first few, don't give up on it, it gets better with time for the more you know the motifs of the show, how the characters act, how the show is structured, the little things become funnier, and the overall show becomes the classic that it is sure to be. Watch it.
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