Flight of the Conchords

HBO (ended 2009)





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  • These two new zealanders cant go wrong in my book

    This show is clearly both original and ahead of its time. it could sit in the dictionary next to those words. I stumbled upon because of Entourage, and by the end of the season couldn't wait for the next. When i watched the first episode for the first time i thought it to be to bland and not have enough meat to it, but it had enough to want to at least give it a chance. The style and the main charecters grew on me quikly and i have grown to fall in love with the show. The way they have managed to blend the songs with the rest of the show, and the comedic talent they show within those songs is what really makes the show. The reason for two of my favorite episodes is most likely because of this in "Girlfreinds" and "Bowie." cant wait for the second season.