Flight of the Conchords

HBO (ended 2009)





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  • Hilarious show! One of those shows where you watch it a second time and are still finding new jokes you missed the first time. Not only are they good actors but they are excellent singers as well. Their songs are absolutely hilarious :)

    I started watching this show at a friends house and was taken in by the catchy ironic type of humor. Once I started watching I just couldn't stop watching.

    The characters are well thought out and each have a unique feel to them unlike some shows where some characters just seem stereo typical and uninteresting.

    Their plots almost remind me of a Mitch Hedberg standup. They area always doing something very ordinary and normal, but make fun of everyday typical things in life.

    Their songs mid episode are absolutely genius. If they were to apply themselves to becoming a band that is just out to make money and produce big hit songs I have no doubt they would become famous, but they realized they have a greater talent producing comedy. I am glad they chose to share their prospective with us :)