Flight of the Conchords

HBO (ended 2009)





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  • Strikes the right (con)chord

    Flight of the Conchords is the latest oceanic series to make a splash in the U.S, centered around the New Zealand indie duo Flight of the Conchords which consists of deadpan Jermaine and shy Bret who try to adapt to life in the U.S and hit the big - time. Their qurky saga is aided by their clueless yet well - meaning manager Murray, their obsessed and lone fan Mel and of course their friend Dave who offers poor advice from over his pawn shop counter. Not since the days of pre - "The Contest" Seinfeld and pre - America The Office has a show really offered an authentic look at the awkward side of life and entertained through simple conversations and situations but this show has reminded us that such shows are not lost in network trends. However what sets Flight of the Conchords apart from the above shows is that it is very unconventional, almost all the characters are eccentrics and the frequent musical interludes that include absurdist lyrics and surreal art direction have rarely been seen on comedy shows. It is for this reason that the show may not appeal to all as many just look for one - sided entertainment and aren't prepared to adapt to anything new and strange. The music itself is often painfully funny, not only with the clever lyrics and fun graphics but also the singing voices employed by the duo (Jermaine in particular). The ballads are slower and tend to drag on but are no less enjoyable. And there is the overall gag that these two inexpressive guys launch into impassioned musical performances randomly and then going back to their state of mumbling indifference. Despite offering very good performances by all, I must say that I do not think that Jermaine Clement deserved the 2009 Emmy nomination for playing himself as he really does talk and act on one note only and rarely shows range. If only one acting nomination was going to be given to this show then it rightfully should have gone to Rhys Darby as Murray who is always hilarious and even conveys, subtly yet effectively, his inner - misery of having no friends or partners and only one real purpose in life, managing a failing band. However due to the recent clarity that award shows love zany bosses, a future nomination for Darby is no stretch to imagine. Another highlight is Kristen Schaal as loopy fan Mel who is often so convincing that it sparks discomfort in the audience. Two seasons of this show have already passed and it is not known how many more are on the horizon, no real direction or objective has been established and surely its lack of budget and publicity will impede its lifespan but hopefully the legions of people who have fallen under its charm will faithfully tune in and provide it with enough support to continue entertaining and bridging the gap between the U.S and New Zealand for years to come.