Flight of the Conchords

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Jun 17, 2007 on HBO

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  • The pilot episode.

    This show is absolutely terrible. Critics lost their credibility along time ago, but there is no excuse for them enjoying this program. Zero acting ability between the two, and their accents make it hard to tell when they are trying to make a joke. When that becomes clear the jokes are poor, and that is an understatement.

    The show is slow-moving and probably causes the viewer to fall asleep within minutes. The characters are hard to get attached to and you really could care less what happens to any of them. It might be unfair to bash a show off its pilot episode but this doesn't even have any seedlings to becoming a good series.
  • The Conchords begin their flight

    The world is introduced to New Zealand folk/comedy duo Jemaine and Bret in this pilot episode that has Jemaine try to form a relationship with the beautiful Sally despite having little to no social skills and Bret having to deal with his best friend not spending much time with him anymore. We also meet their useless yet sincere manager Murray, their psychotic only fan Mel and their friend Dave who acts as their New York Yoda, "bad advice, i give". It's obvious this pilot aims at making first-time viewers feel comfortable with the direction being a lot less zany than it is in future episodes and the songs being a direct narrative to what's happening in the episode as opposed to surreal, nonsensical interludes. Like most shows, the pilot features a few aspects that are phased out once the show gets picked up; for one thing, while the show still retains a sort of low-key charm the pilot really overshoots it with picture and sound quality that is often quite fuzzy and poor. Also, in this opening episode Jemaine was very much the main character with Bret being more of a pretty, bearded decoration who only sometimes offers a line or some backing vocals to the songs.

    However, this episode is thoroughly consistent with the rest of the series in that it is funny in it's own subtle and slightly uncomfortable way, the musical numbers are catchy and wonderfully satirical and the acting is solid from the two understated leads to the oddball supporting cast who inhabit one of the more bizarre depicitons of New York City.

    The songs themselves are brilliant; "The most beautiful girl in the room" thoroughly deserved an Emmy nomination with amusing lyrics and a score that not only pokes fun at Prince-style songs but pays valid respect to the genre. The "Humans are dead" is short and doesn't exactly have us dancing or laughing our heads off but acts as a furthur reinforcement of the band's style and the final "i'm not crying" is simply hilarious as almost every ballad is lampooned and we hear some very interesting explanations as to why the two heartbroken lads appear to be crying. In the two short seasons that entailed the Flight of the Conchords journey, widespread praise and devotion was poured into this show from people all over the globe and this solid pilot was a great kickstarter to the cult sensation that the show became.
  • Episode 1: Jemaine dates Bret's ex-girlfriend after a party at Dave's house.

    In any new series, it always takes awhile for characters to develop, and for the audience to grasp what the actors are trying to portray. How does Flight of the Conchords stack up?
    Its a solid start for the Conchord team. This episode gives us the most songs of any episode, which showcases what these guys are about, lyrical comedy geniuses. Though this episode IMO is the weakest of the series, it gives us a good introduction to all the characters of the show. Bret and Jemaine are the under-achieving, naive, band duo.
    They have Murray as their hopeless manager. Mel the fan base/stalker, Eugene the super and Dave their friend.
    What I like most about this show, is the way its funnier after repeat viewings. What's missed once is picked up a second time, particularly when it comes to the visual side of the comedy. Certain looks from the characters, pictures on the wall etc, all play a part to make repeat viewings enjoyable. What I liked most from this episode:
    The song, most beautiful girl in the room.
    The debate about why Jemaines date ended abruptly, was it the ex watching from another room OR the startling light.
    Helmet Hair, what will they think of next.
    Anyhow, good start in this episode with the hint that even better is to come.
  • This episode sets up the two chaps from New Zealand in their New York backdrop as struggling members of an awkward musical duo.

    When I first saw this pilot I wasn't too impressed but now several episodes later the characters have grown on me and i absolutely love this intro episode to our new hapless heroes. I don't know why but these guys are just the best. This is the kind of show that you can't help but watch more than once. The two songs "Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" and "I'm not Crying" are priceless. You owe to it yourself to watch at least the first four episodes. After that it starts to get a bit shakey. Hopefully the boys can pull it together in the last few to hopefully get HBO to renew this very innovative and original series back for another season
  • Pilot Episode

    This was the first episode aired on HBO, and a wonderful introduction to the characters. The first song, Most Beautiful Girl, is an instant classic. And you meet Mel, the hilarious stalker fan who lurks around every corner. For anyone just getting into the series, this is a good place to start. And Flight is something of an acquired taste. It takes an episode or three to get acclimated to their timing and dry wit. But it's so worth it. These guys are great!
  • Much like the movies Napoleon Dynamite or Zoolander, Flight of the Conchords is full of "quotables" that will be inside jokes for years to come.

    Flight of the Conchords have been a cult favorite among my friends for quite some time now. So, I suppose you should take what I have to say with a grain of salt. The pilot episode of the Flight of the Conchords HBO series by the same name was fantastic. I've seen it three times now, initially online, and a couple of times since showing it off to my aforementioned friends. It gets better every time. Much like the movies Napoleon Dynamite or Zoolander, Flight of the Conchords is full of "quotables" that will be inside jokes for years to come. While the "quality" of music is poor at best, it's the humor of the lyrics and the facial expressions that make FotC an absolute treat. I look forward to each new episode and hope for the show to continue for years to come.
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