Flight of the Conchords

Season 1 Episode 9

What Goes on Tour

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 12, 2007 on HBO

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  • The guys go on the "road" with Murray at the helm, leading them on "tour" of the New Jersey area. Silliness ensues.

    Well, I just think they put alot of fun into this very silly and fun episode. All the types of things you can think of, happened. The leather clothes, the accidental shrinking of the leather clothes, the women they met in the hotel, Murray driving his car as the "band bus". How funny was that? Also, you've got to admit, Jemaine's flat effect reaction shots, which vary from cool to dorky, are quite appealing. He thinks he's cool for the ladies, but apparently not as quite as cool as he thinks, and of course, subsequently duped. And Bret, he just seems to go along with whatever Jemaine does, and is a very good straight man between the two of them. And you've got to love how Murray loves the band and wants so desperately to be cool and "manage a band", but wants to strangle them at them at times for screwing things up. Well done guys!
  • Murray quits.

    This episode really showcased the Murray character portrayed by Rhys Darby. He was at his comedic best constantly berating Jemaine and Bret for spending the "emergency fund" which we learned was money from his savings account. This angered Murray to the point where he quit the band, even telling the Conchords "go f*ck yourselves". There were some boring points of the episode, mainly during the course of the gigs and the awful song "Mermaid". Newsradio creator and Flight of the Conchords Executive Producer Paul Simms penned the script so you knew you'd get some dry wit as well as some prop humor including the leather suits shrinking over time. Good episode and one of the better installments of Season 1.