Flight of the Conchords

Season 1 Episode 9

What Goes on Tour

Aired Sunday 10:30 PM Aug 12, 2007 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • Jemaine: How big is the bus gonna be? The tour bus...
      Murray: This is the tour bus, Jemaine.
      Jemaine: This isn't a tour bus. It says here (looks at itinerary) that we're gonna have a tour bus.
      Murray: No, that's the rugby itinerary isn't it? Alright. There's only two of you. Your not a big rugby team, you don't need a bus.
      Bret: Aww, I thought we were getting a tour bus.
      Murray: No, that's the rugby itinerary, Bret. Alright. You can see there I've crossed out "bus" haven't I?
      Jemaine: Yeah, you crossed out "bus" and you wrote "bus."
      Murray: Yeah, I got confused there I didn't know what to do. "Honda Accord" was too big to fit in the gap there so I put "bus" back in. I knew as soon as I wrote it their would be some sort of controversy.