Flint The Time Detective

FOX (ended 2001)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Cavemen's Christmas
      Bubblegum and Lynx feel low because of the lull in adventure recently. However, when Petra Fina returns, they rise to the challenge and become Mega Shifters.
    • Time of Darkness
      Time of Darkness
      Episode 38
      After Getalong is knocked out by Dark Lord's flower, Flint and Merlock try to fight back against the Great Four and the Con forms of the Time Shifters as Dark Lord's plan to stop the clock in the Land of Time and start the clock in the Land of Dread is almost complete. Who will win the final battle?moreless
    • The Rescue
      The Rescue
      Episode 37
      Unita-Master, Sarah, Tony, and Dr. Goodman arrive in the Land of Dread to save Flint and Co. When the Time Shifters are brought to assist, Dark Lord uses his magic to turn all Time-Shifters into their Con Forms and uses them to invade the Land of Time. What will happen next?moreless
    • Game Master
      Game Master
      Episode 36
      Feel Free to Submit One
    • The Land of Dread
      The Land of Dread
      Episode 35
      Feel Free to Submit One
    • Shadow
      Episode 34
      Flint and Co. find the Time Shifter Shadow in the time of Miyamoto Musashi and Petra Fina takes control of Shadow. When Shadow-Con is defeated, can Flint defeat Uglinator in his Con form.
    • Doron
      Episode 33
      The Time Police locate Doron with Thomas Edison.
    • Knuckle
      Episode 32
      Flint and the others travel back to 1972 to look for the timeshifter Knuckles. Once there they meet a young martial artist and actor Lee King. Lee and Flint both enter a martial arts competition. Flint wins, which upsets Lee so he runs off. Knuckles follows him but gets stamped by Uglinator. Can flint and co defeat the martial arts master Knucklescon?moreless
    • Uglinator
      Episode 31
      Uglinator, an evil Time Shifter minion of the Dark Lord, is in the form of Petra Fina's Petra Stamp and wants entertainment. He uses his power to turn a class of students evil. Even worse, Flint and the others are captured. With Tony, Getalong, and Pterry in a cage, Uglinator wants Sarah as his queen. Meanwhile, Flint battles Merlock, who was turned evil by Uglinator. Can Flint defeat Merlock and rescue the others with the help of Bindi Master?moreless
    • Dipper
      Episode 30
      Marco Polo and Dipper, a Time Shifter with the uncanny ability to locate water, rescue Flint and the others from men who think they are wasting the water. Later, Petra Fina lies to Marco Polo that Flint and his friends are evil. Flint and the others end up in a cage with Flint having to fight Superninja and DipperCon on an empty stomach. The others escape with Marco's help and Pterry calls for Mosby and Coconaut to help Flint and re-energize him. When Dipper is free from Petra Fina's control, he turns into Dipper Master and helps Flint, Coconaut Master and Mosby Master to defeat Superninja. We then learn that Mosby and Dipper are brothers. Minutes later during another sandstorm, Superninja, in his pin mode, is encountered by the shadow of the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord says that while he's recovering, he sent another one of his minions to assist Petra Fina.moreless
    • Snug as a Bug
      Snug as a Bug
      Episode 29
      Bugsy, a Time Shifter who can turn anyone into an insect by looking through his magnifying glass, is sighted. Sarah, however, is afraid of insects. Soon, Flint, Sarah, Tony, and Merlock are turned into bugs! To make matters worse, Petra Fina turns Bugsy into BugsyCon. Flint and the others encounter the younger version of Jean Henri Fabre. Can Flint and company get back to normal and beat Petra? And, can Sarah get over her fear of insects?moreless
    • Change
      Episode 28
      Flint and the others head to the time of Bonzaeman to find Change, a Time Shifter who is very rich and can make anyone very wealthy. Can Flint find a way to claim change before Petra Fina does? And what does a plot involving Eldora have to do with that?
    • Musey
      Episode 27
      Flint and the others find Musey, a Time Shifter who can recognize beautiful music and use it to overpower people's emotions. They head to the time of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a young Ludwig Van Beethoven. They are using Musey to help with a musical play and Beethoven is having a hard time trying to be a good piano player. Petra Fina easily captures Musey with Superninja's help. Can Beethoven's music help Flint and Muscles Master defeat MuseyCon and Superninja?moreless
    • Nightcap
      Episode 26
      Flint and the others, including Talen, head to the time of Hans Christian Anderson to find Nightcap. This Time Shifter can put living things to sleep. Hans isn't getting enough sleep and uses Nightcap's power to help him sleep. Petra Fina wants Nightcap. Talen uses her powers and takes everyone into Hans Christian Anderson's books where they encounter his characters. If Petra Fina wanting Nightcap wasn't worse, wait till Flint and Talen have a battle with the Dark Lord's henchman Superninja.moreless
    • Monk
      Episode 25
      In Ancient Japan, Monk, an expert samurai Time Shifter, has stolen Rocky and other weapons with Saito Musashiba Benkei. Can Flint and the others rescue Rocky and prevent Petra Fina from claiming Monk?
    • Leafy
      Episode 24
      Flint and the others head to Medieval England to find Leafy, a Time Shifter who can manipulate plant-life. While there, they encounter a young King Arthur. He tells them that he met Leafy, but was too afraid to save him from Petra Fina. Can Flint save Leafy and help Arthur to be brave with the recently pulled Excalibur?moreless
    • Raldo
      Episode 23
      After the incident in the last episode, the Catamaran is trapped in the time portal. Petra Fina hits a button that lets the Time Police catch them. Jillian Grey, Flint, Dr. Goodman, Merlock and Bindi then question Petra Fina in an orb. However, she soon escapes. Dino and Mite bring Dr. Goodman with them. Petra receives a letter from the Dark Lord telling her to go back in time and catch the Time Shifter Raldo. Raldo is a Time Shifter who can send a beam out and trap anyone in his shell. He is located in a time where Flint and Merlock encounter, what's described to be, a younger Petra Fina. Can Flint rescue Dr. Goodman and stop Petra Fina from gaining possession of Raldo? Or is the help of Elekin Master not enough?moreless
    • Enter the Unicorn
      Enter the Unicorn
      Episode 22
      Unita, a Time Shifter with the ability to travel through time, has been sighted. Flint and the others go to the Grand Canyon where Unita-Master is. Petra Fina is also there and wants to claim him. Unita uses his power to escape, taking Flint, Petra, and the others with him. Flint wakes up low on energy in The Land of Time where he encounters The Old Timer. He frees Unita-Master who reverts back to Unita. He tells Flint how the Time Shifters helped to run The Land of Time until the Dark Lord appeared to claim them and scattered them throughout time. But, when Unita falls under Petra Fina's control, can Flint stop UnitaCon?moreless
    • Rocky in Love
      Rocky in Love
      Episode 21
      While the house is being cleaned out, Rocky is accidentally tossed out! He soon encounters Petra Fina, disguised as Miss Iknow, at the dump. As the others go to look for him, they are captured. To make matters worse, Rocky is taken over by Petra Fina. Now, Talen and Jitterbug are the only ones who can save the others while Flint tries to break Rocky out of Petra Fina's control. Can they succeed?moreless
    • Muscles
      Episode 20
      The Time Police go after Muscles in ancient Rome. Muscles has the ability to change anyone into a muscular person. The gang eventually finds the Time Shifter from a boy who is training with him.
    • Elekin
      Episode 19
      The Time Police go after Elekin, a Time Shifter who has the power of electricity. Upon arrival, they find him with Hiraga Gennai. When Petra Fina takes control of Elekin, can Flint defeat Elekin-Con?
    • Moah
      Episode 18
      The Time Police go after Moah, but Petra gets to him first. Moah Petra Forms into MoahCon, who is too tough for Flint to beat. Can Flint overcome his strong foe?
    • Bindi-Master
      Episode 17
      Bindi runs away from Merlock, jealous and upset that he doesn't spend as much time with her as he should. Merlock must now find a way to somehow apologize to his Time Shifter and get her out of the evil Petra's hands.
    • Wing
      Episode 16
      Tony helps a Time Shifter, Wing, get her encouragement back. He then... runs off with her?!
    • Plumella
      Episode 15
      Flint and his friends head to the year 1404, right before Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa. They go in search of the Time Shifter Plumella, who can turn anyone into a portrait. What will happen when Petra Fina gets to Plumella first and demands Leonardo Da Vinci paint a portrait of her?moreless
    • The Cardians
      The Cardians
      Episode 14
      Flint and the others go after the Cardians in the 20th Century. The Cardians are a group of Time Shifters that like to help people.
    • Miss I know Makes a Housecall
      Tired of always failing as Petra Fina, Miss Iknow decides to do something. She goes to Dr. Goodman’s and takes the Time Shifter, claiming that it is a bad influence on Flint!
    • Bindi
      Episode 12
      The Time Police go after Bindi. Bindi’s last known location was in Transylvania with Vlad III Dracula. When the Time Police arrive, they see that Vlad is actually friendly. Vlad gives all his attention to his guests, which actually makes Bindi jealous. She goes off, and Petra Fina finds her. Petra puts her under her control. A mysterious caped stranger, who seems to have a thing for Sara, saves Bindi and Bindi decides to go with him.moreless
    • Batterball
      Episode 11
      Flint the Time Detective, Sara, and Tony head after Batterball. Batterball can control any baseball and then shoot them back using his Baseball Cannon.
    • Go Getalong
      Go Getalong
      Episode 10
      Miss Iknow, who really is Petra Fina in disguise, tells the Time Police about a fake report about seeing a Time Shifter in time. The Time Police go there, but instead of finding a Time Shifter, they find Petra. Petra plans to capture Getalong to make the Dark Lord fall in love with her. Will Flint be able to stop her and rescue Getalong before its too late?moreless
    • Artie
      Episode 9

      Flint goes to Paris in the Mid-19th Century to find Artie who has the power to make any drawing come to life. Flint finds Artie with a young Auguste Rodan. Will Flint be able to defeat Petra and save Artie?

    • Lynx
      Episode 8
      Petra finds Lynx and “stamps” him. Flint goes back in time to rescue him, but Lynx’s power may be too much for him. Lynx drains the power of a person if they don't answer his riddle correctly. But, luckily for Flint, Sara gets all her riddles right. Tony, of course, gets jealous. Petra makes Lynx “Petra Form” to LynxCon, but with Bubblegum Master's help, they turn him back to normal and defeat Petra.moreless
    • Bubblegum
      Episode 7
      Flint goes back in time to find Bubblegum. But, he finds everyone trapped in bubblegum instead! An emperor is behind this. Soon, Petra Fina takes control of Bubblegum. Coconaut comes and Shape Shifts to Coconaut Master and beats the “Petra Formed” BubblegumCon.
    • Coconaut
      Episode 6
      Flint and his friends go back in time to find Coconaut. Coconaut is found with Christopher Columbus, who doesn't want Coconaut to leave because he wont be a good sailor without him. Petra goes back in time as well and finds Coconaut. She instantly "stamps" him. Coconaut, who also has the power to change the waves of the seas, makes the sea furious. He "Petra Forms" to CoconautCon. Flint calls Dr. Goodman for help and he sends him Mosbee, who Shape Shifts to Mosbee Master to save the ship from the furious waves. and after Columbus believes in Coconaut's Good heart, the Time Shifter Returns to Normal. After the battle, Flint convinces Columbus to let Coconaut go back with him.moreless
    • Mosbee
      Episode 5
      Flint and his friends go back in time to Russia to track down Mosbee and encounter Napoleon Bonaparte's army along the way. This Time Shifter has the power to turn anything to ice and can freeze things. Flint finds Mosbee and makes friends with him. But, suddenly, Petra arrives and tricks Mosbee. She takes this opportunity to “stamp” him and use him to help Napoleon invade Russia. Will Flint be able to save Mosbee from her evil clutches?moreless
    • Talen
      Episode 4
      Flint goes on another mission to find Talen, a Time Shifter who has the power to go into any storybook and to make anything from that book become real. Flint finds her before Petra, but once Petra arrives she begins to wreak havoc. Talen is too timid and scared to fight, so she goes into a storybook. Can Flint and his friends find Talen first and defeat Petra?moreless
    • Eldora
      Episode 3
      Flint goes back in time to get Eldora, the Time Shifter that has the power to turn anything to gold. However, he soon finds out that Petra Fina got to her first. Petra “Petra Stamps” Eldora. Now Eldora is forced to obey Petra's orders. Petra merges with Eldora and forms EldoraCon, a much stronger and more evil being. Now Flint has to defeat EldoraCon and turn Eldora back to normal before it's too late.moreless
    • Jitterbug
      Episode 2
      Flint has his first mission as a Time Detective. He goes back in time with Sara, Tony, Getalong, and Pteri with his new Time Cycle. The Time Cycle is a new machine that will take them to any time period they program it to take them to. In the past, Flint has to find Jitterbug, a Time Shifter who has the power to make anyone dance well. Can Flint find him before Petra Fina does?moreless
    • Hammerhead Rock!
      Hammerhead Rock!
      Episode 1
      In the 25th century, Sara and her twin brother Tony find a couple of weird fossils. They take it back to their dad, Dr. Goodman, and he uses a special machine to turn the fossils, Flint and Getalong, back to normal. However, for some reason, they can't turn Rocky, Flint’s father back. Dr. Goodman turns Rocky into a hammer with all kinds of special equipment. With that, Flint and his new friends set off on a mission to stop Petra Fina from kidnapping the Time-Shifters and save the world.moreless