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FOX (ended 2001)





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  • I think it's great!

    I loved it ever since i was small! and, i think that i always will, i usedto watche it before school and race off, once saflety in my class room, i would smile, i will always remmbe rthis show. It was even in my dreams!

    I give it a 10 out of 10, and a spot forever, inm my heart!
  • The show was very odd and sent the wrong messages to little kids and don't get me started on the THREE WORD THEME SONG!!!

    This was a horrrible excuse for a show! Can someone explain why this would air, because every second it was on everyone in the world lost 3 IQ points. The Theme song was wretchedly stupid, all it said was... boomda, boomda, boomda, boomda, boomda, It's Flint! The bad guys were an insult to villians with a stamp that made little creatures EVIL! The heroes were two kids,a caveboy and his dad who was a rock and I mean and actual rock. This show proves that certain shows should never see the light of day! And I bet certain Futurama fans will hate this show as well!!
  • Weird, but something to watch.

    This show was okay, Flint the Time Detective went around bashing robots and villains with a rock, which happened to be his dad. Alrighty then. And the two kids have a time machine. Hmm, this is starting to turn into some weird 80s sci-fi. And when it had a bizarre storyline, it was kind of lamely written in some episodes, and could've had been dubbed better. The animation wasn't too good either, but it didn't make the show horrible. It wasn't like it was unoriginal or anything, just really another anime.
  • A boy and his dad from 5,000,000 BC get transported to the 25th century and find that they are the only ones who can prevent histroy from being altered.

    Overall, I thought this was a great show while I was in grade school. It's was cute, funny, and overly entertaining. It was a bit corny at some points, but that's what added to the fun.

    The only thing I didn't like was it was what I'd call a "Pokemon clone"; it came out just as Pokemon was reaching its peak of popularity and had the same basic idea as Pokemon, which was "catch all the strange creatures before the bad guys do".

    Also, there was no real character development during the course of the show. The way the characters were introduced was the way they pretty much stayed.

    Yet, overall, it seems to have done fairly well. It still airs over in the U.K. (according to a penpal of mine), and it has had some very loyal fans.

    Now if only it was a little longer than 39 episodes....
  • Flint the little dino boy is introduced to the future with his dad Rocky, who is now a hammer.

    Flint and his dad, Rocky were cavemen. There ws nothin unusual about them except that Flint sure did like to eat. They were attacked and turned into stone eggs until one day when two kids found them and released Flint but they turned his dad, Rocky into a talking hammer.
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