Flint The Time Detective

Season 1 Episode 21

Rocky in Love

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2000 on FOX

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  • When Rocky and miss Iknow go out on a date, the others follow to see what happens. but thing don't go well when rocky gets petra stamped!

    This episode mainly focuses on Rocky, and developes his charecter a bit more. I feel this episode was made mainly to show that rocky isn't just a rock ax. although it's good for Rocky to be the star, not much happens in the episode. There is no time travel, and no new time shifters are seen. Merlock is seen but he doesn't really do anything and the episode could of easily done without him. One big thing that annoyed me about this episode is that Rocky and Flint both "can't remeber" who flint's mom was, because some of their memories were eraised when they were unfossilised. Seeing as this isn't mention before hand i feel that this was just put in for plot conveniance.