Flip This House

Season 4 Episode 21

Brian the Bargain Hunter

Aired Sunday 6:00 PM Nov 08, 2008 on A&E

Episode Recap

Peter spots a deal on another East Atlanta property that's too good to pass up. On a block with four houses up for sale, it is by far the cheapest. The deal is so great he puts in an offer on the spot without consulting Brian. When the other houses on the block are sold for much more than Peter paid, he knows he's made the right decision on paper. But, when Brian gets to work on construction, he discovers that Peter's bargain buy might cost them. A large tree that will obstruct the new addition Brian hopes to add must be removed while roof and siding problems add to the rising budget. Peter pushes Brian to keep costs down--he's determined to avoid another gut renovation, and leaves Brian to come up with creative solutions to potentially expensive problems.
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