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Need more of Ginger on tv

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    [1]Feb 24, 2007
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    First there was the movie star, then we had years of nothing, then in 2005 we were once again blessed with a wonderful vision that could live up to the name Ginger, and live up she did.  As beautiful as the day is long, and now A E took her away, bring her back please, our world is in limbo again, please fix this soon.
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    [2]Mar 23, 2007
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    Trademark is sueing A&E for approx. 1 million dollars for ripping off their tv show concept and breach of contract.


    lawsuite letter: http://www.flipthislawsuit.com/files/complaint.pdf

    You can find Ginger on there new show 'The Real Deal' scheduled to air on TLC in April!
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    [3]May 27, 2007
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     Love the Real Deal. I like the idea that Richard comes into see on the work that is being done to each home and I call it a home because the houses that they buy turn into homes with a lot of team effort Ginger does an exceptional job with all her flips. I see all the hands on .. She has a great deal of patience. Love Frank he's cool . I just saw the latest episode where team effort was the theme of the show it came across just that way Im glad that you all have a good boss . And you all make sure you keep him that way it will be up to you. Give as you get. and then some more. But most of keep honest with yourselves and your company will continues to prosper and grow best of luck to and your families. It is great that your company gives back to you yours and friends. But most of all to those that need your kindness and help it comes through on your episodes. Take care to all. Lauri
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