Flip This House

Sunday 6:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 24, 2005 In Season


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  • The new Flip This House is No Trademark! Trademark Properties was the best. At least you do not have to watch male chovenists treat women like the underdog. Bring back Trademark Properties and I will watch again. Why ruin a good thing?

    I loved to watch Flip This House with Trademark Properties. I was excited when they announced the start of a new season until I saw the show.
    The show with the company out of San Antonio was so boring. What you had on this show was Macho men treating women like the underdog. I couldn\'t believe they were making their wives take care of the bee problem while they sit outside drinking beer.
    Bring back Trademark Properties and I will watch the show again, At least Richard, Ginger and Dawn worked great together. The show was fun to watch before it was changed.