Flip This House - Season 1

Sunday 6:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jul 24, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' Permits
    The hour follows the adventures of Trademark Properties, a small real estate company in South Carolina, as they troll middle class areas to buy the rundown, "worst" home that is the bane of the neighborhood. This first episode introduces the City of Charleston and the characters of Trademark Properties. We join their hectic, pressure filled world of home renovation, flipping properties and doing everything you can to "Get it Done!" Richard C. Davis, owner of Trademark Properties, is trying to convince the owner of a spectacular but neglected home on the water to sell him the property. At the same time, Ginger, number two at the company, has found a property she desperately wants to renovate and convinces Richard to give her a chance.moreless
  • The Stakeout
    The Stakeout
    Episode 2
    Richard talks an old friend into selling him a house that hasn't been used in 5 years. On top of that, the house is split between the two daughters and one doesn't want to let it go. Meanwhile, crime in the neighborhood hits extremely close to home. Tune in to watch Richard and Kevin drink beer and chase burglers.moreless
  • What the Heck - Write a Check
    Kevin convinces Richard to go 50/50 on a 1.2 million dollar beachhouse. But money and friendship don't mix. Dawn has to take control in order to save a friendship. Also, see what a flipped beachhouse can sell for.
  • Ginger's Revenge
    Ginger's Revenge
    Episode 4
    Ginger finds the perfect house to flip. However, when more work is needed than initially thought, and problems keep popping up she has to swallow her pride and go to Richard for help.
  • The Trouble with Gus
    In this episode Richard buys a foreclosed home at auction that's perfect for flipping, but there's one catch - Gus! Not willing to put Gus, his family and his yard full of junk cars out on the street, Richard finds a creative solution to the problem. And on the other side of town, on another foreclosed property, Richard hires a couple of young bucks to "sugarcoat" a house - clear the yard, pull up the carpet, and paint. Be prepared for a surprise when we compare the profit margins of a quick-fix house flip and a total renovation house flip.moreless
  • Too Good to Be True
    Ginger buys a 2 bedroom house with hopes of renovating it for her high school friend to buy.
  • Attack of the Garden Gnomes
    Richard and the team hope to turn an ugly house into a beautiful house with curb appeal.
  • It's a Rat Race
    It's a Rat Race
    Episode 8
    In this episode Ginger buys a 6,000 square foot premiere property in an exclusive community at the Greenville auction.
  • The College Special
    Trademark Properties buys 4 condos in the hometown of Richard's alma mater Clemson University.
  • Location Location Location
    Richard and his team take on a large house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • The Haunted House
    The Haunted House
    Episode 11
    Richard and team go to a sleepy town of Georgetown, South Carolina.
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    Team Trademark takes on a house in the sleepy area of Rock Hill, South Carolina.
  • The Restaurant Special
    Richard has 4 days to renovate his friend John's restaurant, The Charleston Crab House. John's temper flares up when he has to give Richard all the control.